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10 Clever Bathroom Upgrades in San Jose That Are Easy to Install and Ideal for your Home Space


Find the quick bathroom fixes for optimum space utilization in your property to lead a comfortable life

One of the most intimate and private places in your San Jose home is your bathroom. It’s where you do the majority of your self-care. The range of routine activities is facials to hot soaks apart from preparing for the day. It’s the reason to make your bathroom a place where you truly want to enjoy your time. What do you do if your bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover, but you can’t undertake a full remodel due to insufficient funds, or you lack the spare time?

Simple swaps of daily things to afternoon chores are among the clever and quick bathroom modifications listed below:

1. Add Color

If your bathroom is almost all white, consider painting your cabinetry with a brighter color to add instant flair. Of course, your bathroom is your personal space. Still, it doesn’t mean it can’t have the requisite elegance.

2. Choose Distinct Textiles

You can start with the shower curtain, which is about the same size as your wall. Upgrading it can be just as magical as a fresh coat of paint, particularly in a small region. Even replacing acrylic rings or plastic with polished metal creates a high-end look in your bathroom space. After that, replace the items you use regularly, such as plush cotton towels and soft rugs, as well as your porcelain soap dish. Luxury versions of these products might add a touch of class to the space.

Cozy elements, such as antique carpet in a modern bathroom, are an excellent addition and artwork. It gives adequate space and is an easy way to give warmth, scale, and color to your bathroom without renovating the entire space.

3. Augment Shower Pressure

A spa-driven shower head will offer you delight daily, and installing this unique element is one of the easiest things to implement. You can probably think of a dual model comprising a rain head and a provision for a detachable handheld sprayer, which will make cleaning your tub a breeze. Besides, there is a high-tech concept to start your day with a Bluetooth-enabled music score for stress-free bathroom activities.

4. Consider Changing Your Grout

White grout demands constant cleaning and maintenance to prevent mold from forming in your bathroom. We recommend putting on a new coat of dark-colored grout. Our experts think that it looks contemporary with a light tile. We also believe that maintaining your grout is a productive alternative. There are a variety of solutions on the market right now that are wonderful for freshening and making the area feel brand new again.

5. Combine the Metal Finishing

Changing towel bars, drawer pulls, and even faucets aren’t any more difficult than painting. It’s just a bit more expensive as you need to add the knobs. You may begin by replacing the hardware on your bathroom cabinets. Basic fixtures should preferably match, but you can integrate a repeated tone with the required knobs and accessories.

When compared to polished nickel or a bespoke finish, chrome can save you a lot of money. It’s a fantastic method to save money without sacrificing the appearance of the bathroom. If your bathroom faucet is corroded, you may use a solvent like CLR to remove the deposit first. A new faucet can be costly, but it can completely transform a pedestal sink or old vanity. It’s a quick procedure because the faucet footprints and handle openings are all identical.

6. Heighten the Bathroom Lighting

Consider changing your light fixtures to modernize and upgrade your bathroom, which may not offer the kind of radiance you like. If that isn’t possible, think of placing the existing illumination on a dimmer. Most of the bathrooms in San Jose homes have a bar light or an overhead light fixed above the mirror. Replace the bulbs with LEDs to get a more pleasing glow instantly.

We also suggest you look for a full-spectrum daylight bulb with a reduced capacity. It’ll be strong but not dazzling and is perfect for putting on cosmetics while facing the mirror. However, a couple of wall sconces, one on either side of the mirror at around eye level, are an added creativity.

7. Decorate Your Bathroom with Artwork

Artwork and wall décor in the bathroom is often overlooked, but it adds personality and may change the ambiance of the space. We recommend displaying some stunning artwork above the sink or bathtub. It significantly elevates the overall aesthetic of the area and serves as a focal point for your guests.

8. Consider Exquisite Tiling

There’s a proper reason why common subway tiles are so appealing. They’re simple to work with and inexpensive, and you can diversely take them to different places depending on your other options. The impact of tiling does not, however, end at the wall. For a fresh look on the budget, you may think of implementing a new pattern on the floor. There are plenty of decent options for fewer than two dollars per square foot. Applying quartz is also a great alternative for effectively cleaning grout.

9. Put on Wall Paper

Wallpaper is a simple, quick, and effective way to add a lot of punch to your bathroom. There’s an unlimited range of wallpapers to suit every theme. We can suggest everything, whether you’re trying for grandeur, whimsy, or something more tailored.

10. Give the Bathroom Mirror a Modern Look

We suggest you invest in a replacement mirror with additional features, such as a magnifying mirror within the door or embedded outlets or lighting, for increased functionality. We will provide you with an electrician and a carpenter for the same.


These are a few quick and simple bathroom décor ideas that will make you spend more time in your bathroom. Moreover, your guests will appreciate the changes a lot. San Jose remodeling services by Turner Home Remodeling is always available to suggest to you the top quality bathroom upgrades that will be unique in your locality. Our bathroom remodeling results will definitely increase the value of your property.


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