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15 Cute and Cozy Backyard Movie Night Ideas

15 Cute and Cozy Backyard Movie Night Ideas

These outdoor movie night ideas will inspire you to create an outdoor movie night that your friends and family will love. You will create an oasis in your yard: a place to relax and enjoy it.

There are ideas here for making your own outdoor movie screen, making a projector that works with your phone, DIY seating options for adults and kids, movie night decorations, and lots of ideas on how to serve food and drinks to your backyard show goers .
Take an ordinary canvas and turn it into a film with this easy DIY project. When you’re done, you’ll have a film you can put anywhere, like a fence or the side of a house. When not in use, simply unroll it for storage.

If you have $20 an hour, you can build this portable outdoor movie screen. The frame is made of PVC pipe, making it an inexpensive project that can be assembled without any tools. A cloth, tarp, or downcloth is then hung over the frame to act as a screen. This film screen can be easily moved and taken apart and put back together again.

Take your backyard movie night to the next level with this project. If you are looking for a permanent movie screen solution, this tutorial will show you how to build a wooden frame for a movie screen.

Now that you have a movie screen, you need something to play movies on. You can buy a movie projector or you can take a special program and make your own projector. The tutorial takes you through making a box and then placing your phone inside. Then the film is shown.

This dream behind-the-scenes movie night is made all the more worthwhile by the various comfortable seating areas. There are chairs, blankets, bean bags, and pillows so that moviegoers can make their seats comfortable.

String lights, lanterns and candles add to the ambiance, creating a space you’ll never want to leave.
Kids and adults alike will love sitting in these DIY movie seats. Made from a cushion and a few pieces of plywood, these chairs are easy to make and would definitely make your next movie night special.

Fun Seating for the Kids

Whether it’s a family movie night or perhaps a child’s birthday party, you’ll want to come up with some creative seating ideas for kids. These chairs start with a cardboard box. Let the children decorate and make their own chairs with paint and markers. Add pillows and blankets and you have some lovely seats for movie night.

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