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3 Aspects Which Makes a Great Premade Book Cover Design

3 Aspects Which Makes a Great Premade Book Cover Design
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A book’s cover is a visual representation device. Before reading the first word of the book, readers can make a decision about the genre, subject matter design, appearance, and message simply by the look of the cover. This is the reason professional authors and publishers invest many hours studying, creating designs for their covers. There are many methods to make stunning book covers particularly for digital book Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind.

Review the covers of other books that are similar to yours.

Before you begin designing (or employ the services of a designer) take a few minutes studying book covers within your particular genre, with a focus upon digital books. You could look through some of the bestsellers on those on the Apple Books charts for your particular genre. What is striking to you? Do you see similar color palettes, or commonly used images? Do they include photos or illustrations or are they just text? Do the covers of books within your genre utilize specific designs of typography? This involves examining not just the fonts (fonts) as well as the style of writing and proportions of images and type.

Your book’s cover must be aligned with the tone of your book.

After you’ve studied the covers of your books through Apple Books and made a list of the elements that are common to your genre, take some time contemplating your own book. If you’ve not yet completed the Publisher Description copy for your book, now is the perfect time. What are you describing in your book? What are the most important actions, concepts or setting within your work? These could be ideas, inspirations, or settings.

What readership are you trying to get your book to reach and what are they expecting to see on the book’s cover? Are you looking to be awestruck by readers and challenge their expectations or do you desire to meet their expectations?

What is the general mood in your novel? Consider using three words to convey the overall mood or tone of your novel. Is your book suspenseful, romantic, active, contemplative? These adjectives can serve as guidelines for your book’s cover design.

Typography and hierarchy of type on book covers

As you’ve become knowledgeable about covers for books in your field, you’ve no doubt noticed similarities in the fonts that authors select. Different fonts embody different qualities. Certain fonts are formal and traditional and some feature sexy script, while others have an innovative, contemporary look. Make sure the personality of your font matches the style of your novel. It’s not the same font for the front cover of a military memoir as you would for the cover of a historical romance. You might want to take a look at Digiart Book Cover, they are the best premade book cover design service.

Certain types of elements on the front cover may be more significant than others, therefore your cover design must reflect this distinction. Do you think your title is the most important factor for readers? It should be typed in the largest font size. Is your author’s name the most important factor to your readers since your first novel was a success and you’re to the table in Book 2? If yes, then your name should be noticed in the dimensions.


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