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Home Food 5 Ice Cream Trends Changing the Dessert Industry [2022-23]

5 Ice Cream Trends Changing the Dessert Industry [2022-23]

5 Ice Cream Trends Changing the Dessert Industry [2022-23]

Ice creams have been a favorite dessert among many people for quite a long time now. This delicious treat still continues to grow in terms of popularity, thanks to the way in which the food & beverage industry has changed it to meet the present consumer needs. 

Sustainability and innovation are the key forces that have been driving several food trends at present, including the frozen dessert. Continue reading to know about the exciting ice cream trends that are ruling 2022 and will continue in 2023 as well. 

Plant-Based Ice Creams

Plant-based ice cream is commonly served in restaurants and available in grocery stores as people are more inclined towards healthier and sustainable options. Last year, sales of plant-based foods shot up 27%, according to plant based food market research. The F&B industry is looking for ways to make ice creams without conventional dairy ingredients. Dairy-free ice cream is trending in 2022 with the main ingredients being almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk.

Dessert- and Bakery-Inspired Flavors

As per the food industry research and development, ice creams in indulgent flavors are turning out to be very common these days. This is because several consumers turn to indulgent treats for relieving their stress. Dessert- and bakery-inspired flavors such as birthday cake flavors are in demand. Many businesses get creative with the combination of flavors to grab the interest of consumers. Mascarpone and balsamic fig flavored ice cream is a good example of this creativity. 

Wellness and Healthy Ice Cream Treats

The food industry is making a shift towards healthier options as consumers are also turning out to be more health-conscious. For instance, a few businesses make ice cream using functional ingredients like halo top ice cream, which is high in proteins and low in calories. The commonly used functional ingredients in such ice creams include protein, probiotics, fiber, and CBD. 

Such ice creams are getting a positive response from consumers, which proves that they want more than just organic and low sugar options. They also prefer frozen treats that have a positive impact on their gut health. Businesses can use the popularity of ice creams and reach out to a wider audience by making this dessert healthier. 

Mash-Ups and Unique Flavors

People are increasingly interested in experimenting with unique ice cream flavors. Brands have started to give more options to meet their needs. Businesses are coming up with exciting new flavors by following cross-category innovation and discovering new flavors. Nothing can excel the scrumptious fresh flavor of cacaofruit from the pulp around the cocoa beans. 

Mess-Free Ice Creams

Brands have always made attempts to address the pain points of consumers while relishing ice creams. The most common challenge faced is melted ice cream. Ice cream manufacturers have tried to address this challenge in the past by coating ice cream with chocolate on the outside, putting ice cream in tubs, and adding stabilizers and emulsifiers for making drip-free ice creams. 

Of late, brands have come up with more options to reduce the mess without any compromise on the flavor. The best example of mess-free ice cream is the non-melting popsicle. A group of scientists have also discovered a way to slow down the process of melting.

These are the top ice cream trends that are all set to change the market in 2022 and 2023. Many brands are also selling limited edition ice creams to create a higher demand by making consumers get a feel that they will be missing out on a special frozen treat. The ice cream industry is researching for even more ways to offer the frozen treat more conveniently to its customers.


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