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Home Tech black zirconium rods in different fields

black zirconium rods in different fields

black zirconium rods in different fields

Zirconia is usually white, but yellow, blue and black zirconia rods are also available. Black zirconia rods show no difference in mechanical properties despite their color treatment.

Black zirconia rod

Black zirconium rod is widely used in structural ceramics because zirconium ceramic has high toughness, bending and wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation performance, thermal expansion coefficient close to that of steel and other advantages, so it is widely used in structural ceramics.

Mainly includes: Y – TZP grinding, dispersion and ball milling and nozzle, ball valve tee, Zirconium Rod, mini fan shaft, fiberglass pin, fiberglass sleeve, drawing die and cutting tools cutting tools, wear-resistant, garment buttons, watch case and bracelet, bracelet and pendant, ball bearing, golf light pull rod and other zero wear-resistant devices at room temperature, etc..

Shaped black zirconia rods

Black zirconia rods are used in functional ceramics as induction heating tubes, refractories and heating elements due to their excellent high temperature resistance.

Black zirconia rods have sensitive electrical properties and are mainly used in oxygen sensors, solid oxide fuel cells and high temperature heating elements.

Black zirconia rods have a high refractive index. By adding certain colored elements to the ultrafine zirconium powder, a colored and translucent ZrO2-based polycrystalline material can be obtained that flashes in color like natural gemstones.


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