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CA Intermediate Syllabus and Subjects for Nov 2022

CA Intermediate Syllabus and Subjects for Nov 2022

The ICAI has announced the CA Intermediate Syllabus for Nov 2022 exams. Students can download the CA Intermediate syllabus from the ICAI official website or from this page.

The CA Intermediate is the second stage of the CA Course. The CA Intermediate syllabus contains 8 subjects which are divided into two groups. Moreover, to register for the CA intermediate Course, the candidate must pass the CA Foundation exam with a minimum of 50% aggregate.

Further, in this article, you will learn about the CA Intermediate syllabus and Subjects for Nov 2022.

CA Intermediate Subjects

As talked about above, there are 8 subjects in CA Intermediate. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Paper 1: Accounting
  • Paper 2: Corporate and Other Laws
  • Paper 3: Cost and Management Accounting
  • Paper 4: Taxation
  • Paper 5: Advanced Accounting
  • Paper 6: Auditing and Assurance
  • Paper 7: Enterprise Information System and Strategic Management
  • Paper 8: Financial Management and Economics for Finance

Further, after knowing about the subjects, let’s have a look at CA intermediate syllabus in detail:

CA Intermediate Syllabus

Before start studying for the exams, the syllabus is the most important thing that every candidate must understand in detail. Here, we will mention all the topics covered under CA inter subjects.

Paper 1. Accounting (CA Intermediate Syllabus)

The CA Inter accounting syllabus is divided into 6 parts, and the students must go through each one of them. However, the objective of the paper is to make the students learn about the accounting legislation and accounting standards for various events and transactions.

ChapterChapter Names
1Process of formulation of Accounting Standards including Ind ASs (IFRS converged standards) and IFRSs; convergence vs adoption; objective and concepts of carve-outs.
2Framework for Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements (as per Accounting Standards).
3Applications of Accounting Standards
4Company Accounts
5Accounting for Special Transactions
6Special Type of Accounting

Paper 2. Corporate and Other Laws

Corporate and other laws are the second subject of the CA intermediate. The syllabus is divided into two sections, i.e. Company Law and Other Laws.

Further, Check the syllabus below for corporate and other laws in the table below:

Part 1: Company Laws

The objective of the company laws is that the student will understand the provisions of the company law. Moreover, they will learn how to solve the issues.

S. No.Contents
2Incorporation of Company and Matters Incidental thereto
3Prospectus and Allotment of Securities 
4Share Capital and Debentures
5Acceptance of Deposits by Companies
6Registration of Charges
7Management and Administration
8Declaration and Payment of Dividend
9Accounts of Companies
10Audit and Auditors

Part 2: Other Laws

The objective of the other laws is to make students understand the provision of legislation.

ChapterChapter Names
1The Contract Act, 1872
2The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
3The General Clauses Act, 1897
4Interpretation of statutes

Paper 3. Cost and Management Accounting

The third subject, cost and management accounting are just divided into four parts. However, every topic of the subject is important and scorable for the students.

Further, the objective of the subject is to make students available the costing standards and information about planning, controlling and decision making.

Moreover, check the syllabus of Cost and Management accounting given in the Table

ChapterChapter Names
1Overview of Cost and Management Accounting
2Ascertainment of Cost and Cost Accounting System
3Methods of Costing
4Cost Control and Analysis

Paper 4. Taxation

The CA Intermediate Taxation is divided into two parts, i.e. Income Tax Law and Indirect Tax. However, the objective of the subject is to make students understand the Income Tax law & GST Laws and how to apply them in the real world.

Further, Check the table below for the CA Intermediate Taxation syllabus:

Part 1: Income Tax Law

ChapterChapter Names
1Basic Concepts
2Residential Status and scope of total income
3Incomes that do not form part of total income (other than charitable trusts and institutions, political parties, and electoral trusts)
4Heads of income and provisions governing computation of income under different heads
5The income of other persons included in the total income
6Aggregation of income; set-off, or carry forward and set-off of losses
7Deductions from gross total income
8Computation of total income and tax liability of individuals
9Advance tax, tax deduction at source, and Introduction to tax collection at source
10Provisions for filing return of income and self-assessment

Part 2: Indirect Taxes

ChapterChapter Names
1Concept of Indirect Taxes
2Goods and Service Tax (GST) Laws

Paper 5: Advanced Accounting

Advanced accounting is the 5th subject of the CA Inter Syllabus. However, the objective of the paper is to apply the accounting standards and legislations to various events and transactions and to understand the Financial reporting standards of the company.

Further, check the Table below for the Advanced accounting syllabus:

ChapterChapter Names
1Application of Accounting Standards
2Special Aspects of Company Accounts
3Reorganization and Liquidation of Companies
4Banking Companies and Non-Banking Financial Companies and regulatory requirements thereof
5Consolidated Financial Statements
6Dissolution of partnership firms

Paper 6: Auditing and Assurance

The objective of the paper is to understand the concepts of general auditing, Procedures, techniques and Skills. Further, check the Table below to know the auditing and assurance syllabus.

ChapterChapter Names
1Nature, Objective, and Scope of Audit
2Audit Strategy, Audit Planning and Audit Programme
3Audit Documentation and Audit Evidence
4Risk Assessment and Internal Control
5Fraud and Responsibilities of the Author in this Regard
6Audit in an Automated Environment
7Audit Sampling
8Analytical Procedures
9Audit of Items of Financial Statements
10The Company Audit
11Audit Report
12Audit of Banks
13Audit of Different Types of Entities

Paper 7: Enterprise Information System and Strategic Management

This subject is divided into two sections, i.e. Information Systems and Strategic Management. Further, the syllabus of both parts is mentioned below in the Table.

Part 1: Enterprise Information System

The objective of the paper is to make an understanding of the technology and its impact on enterprise risks and controls.

ChapterChapter Names
1Automated Business Processes
2Financial and Accounting Systems
3Information Systems and its Components
4E-commerce, M-commerce, and Emerging Technologies
5Core Banking Systems

Part 2: Strategic Management

The objective of the paper is to understand the techniques of strategic Management and apply them to real-life situations.

ChapterChapter Names
1Introduction to Strategic Management
2Dynamics of Competitive Strategy
3Strategy Management Process
4Corporate Level Strategies
5Business Level Strategies
6Functional Level Strategies
7Organization and Strategic Leadership
8Strategy Implementation and Control

Paper 8: Financial Management and Economics for Finance

Paper 8 of the CA Inter syllabus is divided into two sections, i.e. Financial Management and Economics for Finance. Further, the syllabus for both sections is mentioned below in the Table.

Part 1: Financial Management

The objective of the paper is to make understand financial Management and apply its knowledge in the practical world during decision-making.

ChapterChapter Names
1Financial Management and Financial Analysis
2Financing Decisions
3Capital Investment and Dividend Decisions
4Management of Working Capital

Part 2: Economics for Finance

The objective of the paper is to understand the theories of economics.

ChapterChapter Names
1Determination of National Income
2Public Finance
3The Money Market
4International Trade

Furthermore, the students to note that the first four papers of the CA Inter syllabus come under Group 1, and the other four, i.e. Paper 5 to 8 Comes under Group 2.

Take Away

In the article above, you have seen the syllabus of CA Intermediate in detail. To learn more about the CA, Visit CA Wizard. Here, you will find all the updates related to the Course, like, study material, syllabus, mock test Papers, Revision test papers and much more.

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