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Chocolate Christmas Gifts to Celebrate the Christmas Season

Chocolate Christmas Gifts to Celebrate the Christmas Season

We all have chocolate fanatics in our offices, neighbourhood and among close friends. And if you’re wondering what the best corporate Christmas gift hampers UK for your Christmas, this is a perfect list. The pandemic is over and the season of red is here! It’s time to be ready with your decorations and plans the perfect corporate Christmas gift hampers UK under your Christmas tree for your formal yet informal parties. Amidst all the planning, gifts usually get pushed down the list. However, what is Christmas without gifts?

But when it comes to your chocoholic friends, you may think your options are limited. We are here to break the monotony by gifting chocolates at your Christmas parties. From cakes, cookies, and macaroon sweets to refreshing candles, and skincare of chocolate flavours. We have your back with the most unique gifts you can give at your party. Read the article till the end, and become the best host for your friends who are crazy for cocoa.

Chocolate Cheese Bar –

As creative as it sounds this is the best way to complete the meal for the ones with a sweet tooth. It is a good option to be included in corporate Christmas gift hampers UK as it is best served with coffee or liquor.

Chocolate Bars –

They may seem to be traditional, however, it is still capable of bringing a smile to the face of chocolate connoisseurs.

Chocolate Gift Boxes –

You may find this in multiple online or offline stores. In case you don’t find the one suiting your taste you can easily make one at your home. Chocolate gift boxes may include some of the most celebrated chocolate items like chocolate popcorn, macaroon sweets, chocolate cookies, cakes etc. The best part about a gift box is you can customise it according to your budget.

Christmas Theme Box with handmade chocolates –

If you are a baker or someone who loves to make beautiful and sweet delights for people, this may be an opportunity for you. A themed box allows you to play with your creativity while giving your chocolate a personalised touch. This makes it more special for the guests receiving it. You can use some of the common designs like candy sticks, wreaths, snowballs, mufflers etc.

Gin and Chocolate Truffles –

Who doesn’t love chocolate truffles? Melting chocolate in the mouth is a dream for many chocolate fanatics. However, what makes these truffles suitable as a gift for corporate Christmas gift hampers UK is gin. Along with the cream, these truffles are filled with gin which adds to the taste of the party. For people who love both gin and chocolate, you can also gift them a gin collection, which includes these truffles along with bottles of cocoa-flavoured gin.

Chocolate subscription boxes or vouchers –

Multiple famous restaurants or companies offer subscription models for their products. This is a unique yet impressive gift for guests whose taste you may not know. Subscription boxes or vouchers will allow your guest to order their favourite chocolates on their own. You can also give them membership cards for their favourite chocolate brands or stores. Trust us, we have done our research and your guest will love the freedom to choose, that comes with this gift option!

Chocolate Face Mask –

Now you may think how does this fit the list for chocoholics? Chocolate lovers are obsessed with the smell of chocolate and the benefits of cocoa. Females especially try to opt for skincare products that include the essence of their favourite dessert. The face mask would help them relax and rehydrate the skin. What better way to enjoy chocolate without taking in more calories? You may also opt for chocolate soap bars or other skin care products available in the market. Your female friends will love this!

Chocolate-flavoured Candles –

This gift will add a luxurious vibe to the home of your guests. The sweet chocolaty smell of the candles can make anyone feel pleasant, especially chocolate buffs!

Chocolate Cookies –

Chocolate cookies have been a part of Christmas for ages. Back in time people used to organise cookie exchange ceremonies for Christmas. Even though it may seem like a rundown idea, chocolate cookies can still find a special place in the list of ideas for corporate Christmas gift hampers UK. Cookies have a warm touch to them and are the most budget-friendly way to gift chocolates.

Macaroon or Chocolate Making Kit –

DIY kits have been on trend lately. We cannot miss this in the catalogue of corporate Christmas gift hampers UK. Many people love to make their chocolates and consider it the best way to spend time with themselves, their kids or their partners. These DIY kits are simple and convenient and give the joy of creating something of your own.

While the chocolate lovers in your life will never deny another bite of chocolate, an interesting gift makes your party memorable. Since by the time Christmas actually arrives, your guests may have had enough of cocoa. We have combined list of some unique gifts for your chocolate fanciers. The list contains a mix of items, hence you can never go wrong with any item you pick from the list. So, while you prepare for the party, we made sure you have the right corporate Christmas gift hampers UK for your guests. With these gifts you will definitely be the star for your chocolate lover guests!



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