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Home Business Choosing the Best Business Name or Product Name Type: Are Descriptive Names Better?

Choosing the Best Business Name or Product Name Type: Are Descriptive Names Better?

Choosing the Best Business Name or Product Name Type: Are Descriptive Names Better?

“I was recently trying to remember the name of a photo site I only used once,” he wrote. “It’s not an easy name to remember (like . I tried to it. It came up with ‘heroic’. It’s not in the top 25 and the name is weird. It should be easy.” click on another strange name hoping this is the site I’m looking for. has a hero advantage right out of the gate. If you have a name like, find a new name that’s catchy and descriptive.”

When you look at this list,

are you sure you remember where you went first? I’m not sure. How about these participants: Examples of descriptive names that are not included in the images are Quick Oil Change, Shampoo Etcetera, Animal Crackers, Green Home Accessories and Bargain Domain.

Descriptive names have their advantages, but uniqueness in the eyes and minds of customers is not one of them. The more clearly the name is descriptive, without unexpected or creative elements, the less likely it is to be confused with competitors’ names.

 Names are more likely to generate unintended Descriptive

 Search engine traffic because they contain syllables or words that potential customers use when searching for a supplier. They are usually easy to pronounce and write. and with a descriptive name, those who have never done business with the firm can easily guess what line they are on.

On the other hand, descriptive names often cannot be trademarked. They are small. Because names are boring, they don’t lend themselves to imaginative branding or design. Their description can hinder development beyond the details of the names. And as mentioned, confusion is common with similarly descriptive items.

Need solid proof that descriptive names don’t necessarily increase popularity?

 According to , which counts and compares website traffic, has a global popularity of 9,083, while is lower at 235,934. Veer has a registered trademark, while does not.

Under what circumstances would I recommend descriptive names? First, if you have evidence that the company suffered from a very creative name. Second, if you are a beginner and need all the SEO benefits you can get. And third, if you want to capitalize on the success of a company name to domain  with the same name, be aware that descriptive names can easily confuse customers. (Whether such a presentation is an ethical approach or not is up to you!)

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