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Home News Facebook has revamped its mobile fan pages – more power to you

Facebook has revamped its mobile fan pages – more power to you

Facebook has revamped its mobile fan pages – more power to you

It’s no secret that Facebook has been scouting mobile devices to extend its lifespan in recent months. Everyone knows that portable devices are the next step and businesses need to focus on that. With Facebook hoping to generate more revenue from mobile advertising, social workers need to take mobile devices more seriously. And it seems to have done so.

What’s new?

While Facebook continues to update its fan pages on mobile, some of the changes are easy to spot. The process of updating the mobile branch pages will start in July this year, but as we can see, it is still being worked on. Many page administrators are excited about these changes, although the lack of third-party apps on Facebook’s mobile platform is still frustrating. Facebook has new features (and they’re pretty easy to find): fan page cover photos, friending activities, pins, store searches, events, popular pagalworld mp3 and more.

Cover photograph

Some people probably didn’t even notice the change because it looked so much like a user interface. Anyway, the fan pages now have cover photos on their profiles. Of course, some people think this is done to increase page conversions by using a sponsored story, and after a user clicks on a sponsored story, the cover photo will have more impact.

Remember. Website owners should be aware that due to their size, the desktop format may not work on a mobile device.

The Facebook tab

In addition to notifications and photos, Facebook tabs for events, locations, and favorites now appear on mobile browsers. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, custom tabs that create pages or purchases are not available on mobile. As with profiles, users can swipe left to see multiple tabs if there are more than three pages.

Social relations

With this plugin, you can now quickly see how your friends interact with the page, be it likes, posts, activities on the page, or what they mentioned in their post. Previously, users were able to see social activity on community pages, but now it is available to all fans. This activity is now added to the timeline, not in a separate tab like before.

Confirm messages

With the update, your verified data will be visible to mobile users. Text messages used to be in reverse order. Now that the page owner has set the notification to be first on the desktop, the notification will

Also be first on the mobile device. This is especially important for mobile-supported story pages so that first-time visitors see the relevant content first.

This is a shorter list worth paying more attention to, although I’m sure there will be new things to come.


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