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Give your holiday outfit time to change

Give your holiday outfit time to change

Leaving the manor for the New Forest or elsewhere may not be easier now, but a few instructions and useful tips are worth keeping in mind and doing.

Ancient history;

It was time for my aunt to leave the beautiful country house (last modernized in 1975) to a distant relative. Some of the original furniture and fixtures were kept and some were bought from a local auction house. The ad should be put in “The Lady Parish Magazine” or “Post Office Window” “Holiday House to Let” and hey, presto, it works.

With changing times, British holiday homes are no longer a bad link in the hospitality industry. Candlestick blankets and tufted stacks have long since given way to “department houses”. Shabby chic is one thing; a collection of uncoordinated clutter is another.

Location selection;

The profitability of your vacation rental company depends on several factors. If you want a pure investment and income, choose an area with a long rental period. The new holiday cabin Bos can appear up to 45 busy weeks a year. The downside is that a cottage here costs more than a similar one in, say, Norfolk or Devon. Research the market before you buy.

Two up – two down?

There are customers for larger apartments. A two-bedroom resort is better to renovate and furnish to a high standard than to implement a big project. To get reservations in the off-season, potential markets are seniors and parents of preschoolers. The yield is the same for a 4-person 5-star cottage and a 6-person 2/3-star cottage.

Looks good, now what?

Call a professional photographer first. The most cost-effective way to advertise your vacation rental is through the Internet. A good seocottage is important, but it should show up in search results. Leave the smart website design, keep it smooth and simple. Your website designer should have deep search engine optimization (SEO) experience and develop essential features from scratch. If search engines can “read” your site, you will rise in rankings.

DIY or desk

Are you available 24/7 to answer calls and emails? In fact, online customers buying a vacation rental will only keep browsing if they can’t find an answer quickly. The vacation rental agency charges a commission of 15–25 percent. You should find out the real DIY costs. View ads, websites, phone calls, paperwork, stationery, stamps, calculate your finances and compare agency rates. The best plan in the beginning might be to find a vacation travel agency that doesn’t restrict owners. Since your cabin is regularly booked, you get to the point where it makes sense to be alone.

Keys under the carpet, gone;

An important part of the resort’s success is the personal greeting to guests, which hurts when you live 200 miles away. Take turns hiring a really good maid (and your sales rep) and don’t try to skimp on this aspect. As the seasons change, watch for the return of stocks.


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