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Here’s Why You Aren’t Getting Views on YouTube

Here’s Why You Aren’t Getting Views on YouTube

As of Jan 2022, YouTube is the second most visited site in the world, only beating Google. The statistics are clear enough, if you have something meaningful to add to the internet space, YouTube is an excellent place for it. It provides a platform for individuals, and businesses to engage an audience and build a brand. But navigating YouTube can be tricky for some.  

Imagine putting hours into making and editing a video and not getting the kind of views you think it would. Now you may have worked incredibly hard on a video and it could be an amazing watch and still not perform well in terms of views. Several factors drive YouTube views and if your marketing strategy fails to align with them; YouTube’s algorithm will not push it hard. This will in turn result in little to no views. 

What are these factors, what are you doing wrong and what can you do to get more views? We got the answers to all these burning questions!

Here is why your YouTube videos aren’t getting good views on YouTube. 

Your thumbnails are bad

Sorry to break it to you, but your thumbnails could be the reason why you aren’t getting any views. Think about it, your thumbnail is the first thing the viewer sees whether it’s in the sidebar or the YouTube discover page. It is the first element of your video that the viewer interacts with. A lot is riding on it. 

The thumbnail should be irresistible; the viewer should be so intrigued they should want to click on it right away. If the thumbnail is not good the viewer will not click on it, no matter how good the content inside is. 

Don’t just use a screenshot of a portion of a video to use as a thumbnail. Spend time on creating good and relevant thumbnails for each video. 

Lack of consistency

Your lack of views could be because you are not uploading content consistently. YouTube is not just fun and games, you may enjoy the process of creating videos. However, there are aspects of YouTube that require you to work extremely hard. These aspects include editing and being consistent. 

It is difficult to produce good content consistently but it is important. You need to publish content regularly to make it as a content creator. Uploading sporadically will not help. Even if you do acquire an audience, retaining views will not be easy. 

Keep a diary of ideas. Often we get good ideas in the most unusual places, but we do not note them, and when we decide to record a video, we barely know where to start. 

You’re not creating engaging content

It is imperative to know your target audience. Find out the kind of content that intrigues them, what they are looking for and what they find engaging. Create videos around those topics as you will get better engagement that way.

It’s okay to try new things. Don’t just stick to those typical how-to videos. Venture out of your comfort zone and try new things. Do you have an idea that you want to carry out but are scared to? Perhaps, because it’s so different from the kind of videos you usually create. Give it a shot! Your audience may end up loving it and you will start enjoying the process more if you have creative freedom.

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Lack of video promotion

Don’t forget to promote your videos across all your social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Upload teasers to intrigue your audience and give them a sneak peek of what the video has to offer. 

Do not upload the complete videos on Facebook or Instagram. Uploading short videos on Facebook will increase your engagement on said platform.  However, if people can watch your videos conveniently there, they will not watch them on YouTube. 

On a closing note

Perhaps the most important of advice is to stay patient. Getting good viewer engagement takes time and a lot of effort. There is no shortcut to building a solid viewership. It is based on consistency, some technicalities, and certainly hard work. Just identify your weak spots as a content creator and work hard towards solving them; you will surely be able to get better views.  


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