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How To Light Your Chicken House For Better Broiler Production

How To Light Your Chicken House For Better Broiler Production

Poultry lighting is an important part of the chicken house design. Chickens are most comfortable in light, warm environments and poultry lights play a key role in this. This blog article goes into detail about what poultry lighting is and how it can benefit your broiler production.

Benefits of Poultry Lighting

When it comes to chicken production, having the right lighting is key. Here are some benefits of poultry lighting: 

-Better Breeding: The right light can help improve breeding by stimulating the male broiler’s production of testosterone. This can help improve egg and meat quality.

-Reduced Feeding Costs: Poultry farmers that use proper lighting can reduce their feed costs by up to 50%. This is because they don’t have to provide as much supplementary lighting for the chickens.

-Increased Egg Production: Proper poultry lighting can increase egg production by up to 20%. This is because it regulates the chickens’ natural cycles, which in turn, produces more eggs.

What are the Best Methods for Lighting Your Chicken House?

The chicken house is a crucial component of your broiler operation, and it’s important to make sure that it’s properly lighted to produce the best possible results. Here are four tips for lighting your chicken house effectively so you can get the most out of your broilers:

1. use an artificial light source such as a LED light or HID light;

2. position the light where it will be most effective;

3. set up baffles or shade to protect the broilers from direct sunlight; 

4. adjust the hours of light exposure according to broilers breed and size.


If you’re looking to increase the production of your chickens, then you’ll want to consider lighting your chicken house. Chicken houses are often dark and damp, which can impact their health and productivity. By installing proper lighting in your chicken house, you can improve their overall welfare while also increasing their productivity.


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