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How to Use TikTok For Business

How to Use TikTok For Business


Tiktok is one of the biggest social media platform, that has overtaken Facebook, Instagram and other big names. With more than a billion active users it is definitely the king of all social platforms. Considering its user base and huge volume, the platform is perfect for business and marketing in order to target a huge market that many big outlets and brands rely on. This article will break down the few easy steps of that will help you operate TikTok for business.

Create A TikTok Business Account

In order to establish your brand you need to make a TikTok business account in order to help you gain a larger user base. Follow these steps to create the account:

  • Download Tik app on your device and follow the basic steps to create your business account
  • Start by signing up for the business account. Enter your email, phone number, or log in with the linked social accounts
  • Create your username and assign password
  • Now, click on the edit button and upload a photo, update your boo and link all your socials with the account
  • Your account is now set. However, TikTok offers many other features to bolster your business which is the Pro version on the app
  • In order to switch to the Pro account, click on the three dots located on the upper right corner
  • Select ‘Manage accounts’ and then switch to the pro account
  • Select the Creator or Business account as per your preference
  • Select the categories related to the nature of your business
  • Add your business email and website to the account
  • You are now set! Enjoy the unlimited benefits of real-time performance, analytics, and tracking tools for organic content and ads. It also has an option to drive traffic to external websites.


Identify Your Niche & Related Trends

Tiktok is all about trending topics and hoping on those trends opens new opportunities for business. Just make sure that videos are entertaining and it follows the rules of the trend.

An engaging video brings lot of followers and your potential customers to your business page. For example, if you are running a stationary brand then you should make videos using your  aesthetic products. Even by liking the stationary-related posts or comments you train the AI algorithm to show you relatable content that will help you to stay on top of the trends.

How To Use TikTok For Business Marketing

Tiktok offers enormous opportunities to businesses but it only can be availed by the users with the right sense of marketing and strategies. Here are the few options:

Consistent Posting

If you want to stay ahead of the game then you must post regularly. Engage your audience and reply them in the comments to get more reach. Planning out the content in advance also helps your profile to remain on top.

Make sure to post during the most engaging times when you know that most of your target market is online. This will help target the correct users base and TikTok analytics will help you understand when your followers are the most active. To bypass this, use a website like to download your video without the TikTok watermark.

Consistent posting will bring you on top of the game n it will do wonders for your business. Keeping your audience engaged and entertained is your utmost responsibility if you want your business to progress and it is your sheer talent to lure them into buying your product.

Make Behind The Scenes Videos

Make sure to post behind the scenes videos of your moat watched TikTok this will enable audience to understand the efforts and also some of them are generally interested to know the process of shooting. You can also engage them in activities by running a giveaway and taking your followers on a business trip with you.

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This specific guide for TikTok for business will help you understand the basics of running and establishing a business via TikTok and from there you can take your marketing game to the next level.

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