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Home Game How to watch football online: free, live, on your computer, pages

How to watch football online: free, live, on your computer, pages

How to watch football online: free, live, on your computer, pages
TV camera in soccer stadium

Is there a decisive match and you don’t know where to watch it live and without cuts? Although more and more matches are being offered outdoors, there is still free live access to football online. Here we leave you with a list of our favorite sites so you can enjoy the European, Mexican, Argentine and World Championships for free and at home. What are the best streaming sites to watch football online for free?

These pages are broadcast on television

 Private Channel Signals this allows you to watch matches from tournaments such as Allege, Lihue 1, UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League that would not normally be accessible without a subscription. And what is the catch? On these pages, you’re sure to find very intrusive ads and another “suspicious” link that you should be very careful if you don’t want to infect your computer with viruses. As the laws of many countries prohibit this practice, it takes a little trick to find a page that can make such a transmission stable and with good image quality. Even if we find it, it can be unexpected. These pages change domain very quickly, so if any of the links below don’t work, you’ll need to Google the page’s name to find a new one.

Straight red

You probably already know him. Raja Direct has been fighting for years and has become an indisputable reference when watching football online. The interface couldn’t be easier: on the home page you can see a list of sporting events sorted by day, live TV shows

We just discovered it and it turned out to be one of the most reliable and perfect alternatives to watching football online. In addition to live coverage, it provides in-depth summaries of matches already played in the Popular Videos section. If you’re interested in other 스포츠중계 besides football, you won’t be disappointed. Here you will find links to watch tennis, basketball, hockey and all kinds of sporting events.

Although EliteGoL is a little less popular than Red Directed, it has been with us for years. His strongest point is football, including matches in all European and South American leagues and leagues. It usually offers several powerful alternatives for everyone. If the first one doesn’t work, just try the following. Stream2Watch

It is a much more diverse platform for sports, with categories as unique as “Darts” or “Wrestling”. For each event, we can choose between different channels, which allow you to change the language and image quality.


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