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How To Wear A Hoodie: 5 Modern & Stylish Outfits For Men

How To Wear A Hoodie: 5 Modern & Stylish Outfits For Men

The hoodie has returned. The hoodie, once a classic of hip-hop and skater attire, has returned to fashion.

The garment that was born out of necessity quickly took on a life of its own and became a staple of the embryonic hip-hop community of the 1970s, and later the skate and punk subcultures in the 1980s and 1990s. The hoodie was a symbol of rebellion, and its practicality was influenced by it. It provided low-profile cover and warmth. The hoodie’s association with the sport has remained constant throughout its history, especially as new fabrics and designs were introduced by manufacturers.

It is important to understand the history of the hoodie. This humble garment has seen a remarkable transformation. It is no longer something you wear around the house, but to the gym, thanks to high-end streetwear brands like Supreme hoodie, Palace, or Stussy.

How to Buy a Hoodie


You can layer the hoodie as though it were a sweater, pullover, or jacket. You can wear subtle colors to match an outfit or make it your signature piece by using bold logos and vivid colors. It all depends on what look you want and how willing you are to take risks.

You would be well advised to keep your style neutral and understated if you are looking for longevity and versatility. In this regard, nothing beats a plain grey marl version.


This is a great place to invest in high-quality materials. While most of the available fabrics will be 100% cotton (don’t settle for less), you can also get a high-quality loopback version. However, there are many interesting new fabrics such as Zegna’s TechmeriNO(tm), and John Smedley’s fine 24-gauge Merino wool. These are worth looking into.

Look out for premium details in suede and silk. If you are looking for luxury and have the money, consider a cashmere version.


This should be obvious. Make sure you check the source of your items, pay attention to zips and drawstrings, and are very careful about fitting. The hoodie should be treated as an everyday item and you should invest in the best.

Modern Ways To Style A Hoodie

This is the most controversial taboo associated with the revival, but you can still dress in a supreme hoodie these days. A well-fitted hoodie made from a luxurious material can be worn underneath a soft-shoulder, tailored jacket or overcoat, and over a button-down shirt or polo. To anchor, add tailored trousers and a Chelsea boot or sneaker made of minimal leather.

For those in doubt, the Italians are the best because of their apparent ability to balance softness and proportion with the hood.


This is a simple one: just layer a supreme hoodie like you would a sweatshirt. For a more warm, chunkier winter look, choose thicker fabrics. Or keep it simple with a plain white T-shirt and a zip-through underneath. A casual outfit that isn’t too flashy can be worn with a logo red supreme hoodie if the colors are appropriate.

The contemporary style is not for rebellious teenagers.


The hoodie’s core is comfort. That’s why athleisure is so popular – easy style with high performance. Soft luxe bomber jackets are a great option for a stylish and easy athleisure look. The look is completed with a pair of box-fresh leather sneakers and smart-fitted joggers.


The evolution of streetwear has been centered around the humble supreme hoodie. It’s where you can explore the creative side of color and design. Look out for relaxed cuts, bold colors, and visible logos.

While authentic brands that are skate-influenced will always dominate this look, you can add a luxurious touch to your look with a logo like Gucci, Off White, Balenciaga, or any other high-fashion brand.


The hoodie, in its natural state, is the great constant. Imagine Rocky Balboa, but with slimmer silhouettes and sweat-wicking fabrics, no tucking, and without Converse.

Bottom line: The more you exercise, the more you will feel.

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