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Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing   

Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing   

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques whose objective is to optimize the visibility of a website in search engines, Google being the most relevant worldwide.

SEO strategies are intended to improve the position of the website in the ranking of the results pages for keywords.

The importance of SEO is the digital marketing strategy that allows you to increase visibility and increase the number of visits that come from search engines.

Crucial SEO factors

  • Contents

It is the basis of SEO, it is practically impossible to position without content on your website. For content to fulfill its functions, it must be relevant, useful and interesting for the user based on their search intention.

In addition, quality content generates links naturally and encourages the user to share it, increasing social signals. Google tracks our website and what it values ​​is the quality and quantity of content on the page.

  • The dominion

A good choice in the domain name can help us to position ourselves very well. If we get a keyword that differentiates us and that we can include in the domain name, we will have a lot of gain in the eyes of Google.

  • User experience

Google’s primary goal is to better understand search intent and tailor results in response. The web that offers the best response and for which it is easier to navigate will be the one that wins the favor of the user, and therefore google will position it better.

The click rate, the bounce rate or the amount of time spent on the page can help us know the degree of user satisfaction with our website.

  • Keyword research

When creating the content, it is necessary to take into account the keywords, terms that the user types in the search engine to obtain their answers.

 This step should take time and we should do it carefully. Thus, we will obtain data on search volume, competition and trend over time, which will help us define which keyword to attack.

  • Performance

It is key for SEO, since if it is optimal, the user experience increases, giving importance to the loading speed. Users wait an average of 5 seconds for the website to load, after which they will go to another result.

It is essential that a website has a responsive design since most searches are carried out from mobile devices.

  • SERP appearance

A very important section is to correctly write the titles and Meta descriptions and maximize the CTR.

Importance of SEO for a company on the internet

Over 30% of clicks go to the first organic Google result, while 95% of users never make it past the first page of results.

That is why the primary objective of a business that wants to be visible in the digital environment must be to appear as high as possible in the search engine rankings and this is the reason why SEO is essential for the success of any business company on the internet.

When you invest in SEO, you invest in visibility. Although it also gives us advantages such as credibility. If google values ​​a website as relevant and worthy of appearing in the first results, it gives the consumer the impression that the business is trustworthy.

Another aspect is that SEO is one of the Inbound Marketing tools with the best ROI. SEO does not break into the consumer’s life through ads, but only attracts visits. In this way, when the user has a problem, they go to Google to solve it and if the company has done a good SEO agency Newcastle, it will appear among the first positions as a possible solution for the client. However, SEO is not the main tool of companies that fight in the digital environment. It is one more mechanism to become visible but it is useless to attract visitors if a website is not capable of generating conversions and this is where other strategies such as web design or copywriting come into play.

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