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Home News Instructions for adding a watermark to a PDF file

Instructions for adding a watermark to a PDF file

Instructions for adding a watermark to a PDF file

Portable Document Format, commonly known as PDF, is a file format used to display documents regardless of the hardware, application software, or operating system used. You can easily use it on Mac, Windows or Linux and even mobile phones and tablets if you want. And because they include all the content to be displayed in its original context and copy everything from images, fonts, text and layouts, you don’t have to worry about people not reading the same file when they read. They require very little memory and can protect against viruses, modifications and redistribution. One way to do this is to add a watermark to PDF files.

You can now annotate a PDF with several tools.

 Adobe is probably the most common. But you can also use PDF Watermark Creator, PDFfill PDF Tools, jPDFtweak and k2PDF, among others. If you are using Adobe, you must first select the document you want to add a watermark to, click “Add Watermark and Background” and wait for a dialog box to appear. Then select “Add Watermark”. Once you’ve done that, click the Show on Screen checkbox to set your display options. You also need to select the “Show on Print” option if you want it included when printing. Then browse the source page area to find the PDF document you want to use as a watermark. If you have a source that is a multi-page document, you can use the Page Number text box to change the program to your preferred one. Then click “All Pages” under the Pages category to add a watermark to the entire document. However, if you don’t think this is necessary, you can do the “Set Page Category” command and specify which sections you want to add the video watermark remover app to the To and From fields.

Since PDF files need to be annotated,

 you need to choose the location and appearance of the watermark. Vertical alignment options appear in a drop-down list and are usually top, center, bottom, or align. See how the finished product will look in the preview panel on the right side of the window. As for horizontal alignment, it should fit left, center, right, and silent. You can click the selector to move the watermark slightly to get a unique position. And then you can play with the opacity slider to adjust the look.

Finish adding watermarks to PDF files by finalizing the watermark design and closing the dialog box. If you want to change, remove or restore the previous settings, you can choose Edit, then “Add Undo Watermark”, “Re-Add Watermark” according to your purpose. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this process. And if it’s still confusing, you can watch online video tutorials that give you a quick overview of how to do it. For more information visit our website

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