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Know when you should replace your old roof with a new one


Reasons you need to replace your existing Roof with a new one

Your roof needs to be replaced if it does not serve the purpose of protecting your house. Sometimes, your roof loses its aesthetics and no longer looks good. Sometimes, it falls prey to water damage during heavy rainfall. It also gets damaged due to excess accumulation of snow. So, you need to inspect your roof and try to find out the underlying problem. If your roof has got damaged severely then you need to replace it as soon as possible so that your house remains protected.

So, let us know the reasons you need to replace your roof so that you can contact us to hire our roofing experts to get your problems resolved.

If your roof does not look good any more

When your roof loses its beauty and looks worn out then you should know that it’s time for a roof replacement. Sometimes, you might notice discoloration of your roof shingles, and granules of the shingles are coming out and making your roof aesthetically unpleasant. This is the time you need to think about a replacement. You can contact our skilled experts who will suggest what to do next. Moreover, they will get your roof replaced within a short period of time without damaging your valuables.

An old roof needs to be replaced

If you haven’t changed your roof for a long time then you should think about replacing your roof. Roofs have a certain worn-out period. They remain sturdy and functional for a certain period as every roof has a predetermined shelf-life. So, you need to change your roof after you notice worn-out signs due to age. This will be a wise decision to replace your roof after it starts decaying.

If your roof shingles are curled

Sometimes your roof starts to curl from the sides, at the bottom, upwards, or downwards, which is a sign that your roof needs to be replaced. The roof starts curling when there is high moisture content inside your house or you have poor roof venting. So, you can think about replacing your roof and getting a new one in place of the old roof. Our professionals will inspect your roof as well as the attic to identify the problem. They will also get your roof replaced without any hassles.

If granules of roof shingles come out through the drainage pipe

Sometimes, you notice granules of your roof shingles in the drainage pipe, which is a sign of worn-out shingles. These granules protect your roof from harmful UV rays and maintain its longevity. But your shingles lose these granules with regular sun exposure for a prolonged period of time. You can get in touch with our roofers to get this issue resolved and to prevent further damage to your roof.

When you can see the sunlight through the attics

When you see sunlight peeping into your home through your attics, then you need to understand that your roof is broken and needs a replacement. This type of problem can allow the cold air, snow, dust, and rainwater to enter your home through the attic and damage it over time. This can also lead to electrical damage in your house. So, this problem needs to be fixed immediately. Our roofers will help replace the shingles and resolve the issue before it creates any further issues in your house.

Cracked Roof shingles

Due to storms or heavy snowfall, your roof shingles sometimes get cracked, which is a sign that you need to pay attention to your roof. This may damage your entire roof and also the electrical system of your home. You can discuss this problem with our skilled roofers to get the best advice from them. To protect your roof, attics, and the entire home, you need to replace the cracked shingles before they create further damage.

If your roof is sagged

A sagging roof is a serious issue that needs to be addressed soon. There can be a structural issue, decking, or truss problem in your roof, which can make the roof look sagged. So, this problem needs to be addressed with a roof replacement soon after you see the first signs of sagging. To increase the longevity of your home, you need to replace the sagged roof soon. You can get the help of our roofing experts who will give ideas so you can protect your roof after you replace it.


Roof protection and replacement is necessary as it protects your roof and maintains its aesthetics for a long time. If you notice that your roof is decaying then you should get it replaced immediately. Sometimes, your entire roof needs to be replaced and sometimes, a small upgradation is all you need to do to protect your roof from any further damage. If you are confused about what needs to be done, then you can contact our skilled roofers who will let you know when you need a roof replacement. Moreover, they will ensure your property remains safe during the replacement process.

If you are searching for Burbank local roof replacement services then you can contact 12 roofing. Our roofers will not only inspect your roof and identify the underlying problems but also treat the issues with a lot of care. Moreover, they will ensure your property remains safe during the roof installation process.


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