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Home Tech Magnetic Connector Manufacturers Tell You How To Properly Store And Use Pogo Pin Connectors

Magnetic Connector Manufacturers Tell You How To Properly Store And Use Pogo Pin Connectors

Magnetic Connector Manufacturers Tell You How To Properly Store And Use Pogo Pin Connectors

At present, magnetic connectors are gradually participating in people’s lives. Magnetic connectors are trusted and loved by people with their various advantages. Magnetic connectors are divided into types according to their characteristics and application locations: thimble connectors and shrapnel connectors. Both play an important connection role in the process of charging and using, helping users to use the device better, providing great convenience for consumers and users, and allowing them to choose according to their preferences.

The functions of magnetic connectors

Magnetic connectors can achieve excellent high-frequency signal transmission, provide devices with a current of up to 10A for charging, and provide high-speed data transmission to achieve fast charging and other functions. The magnetic suction function can make the appearance design of the product more beautiful. At the same time, it can solve the problem that the charging cable pulls the host (laptop, mobile phone, and other high-end devices) to drop and damage it accidentally.

In the current use of magnetic data cables, many customers ignore the problems that will arise during the connection process. In contrast, Pomagtor magnetic connector can effectively deal with contact resistance and contact arc by using its advantages and technological means to achieve a built-in connection. For example, intelligent power-off protection, plug-free adsorption connection, super magnetic adsorption, and changing the way of the traditional connector and charging transmission are synchronized at the same time, and the waterproof level can reach up to IPX8.

How to properly store and use Pogo Pin connectors

First, when you receive the Pogo Pin connector, you need to check whether the outer package is intact. If the outer package is damaged, you must check whether the Pogo Pin connector is damaged. When using the Pogo Pin connector, you must Ensure it is intact.

Second, the Pogo Pin connector that is not used temporarily needs to be installed and stored correctly rather than being placed randomly. It cannot be placed in a place with sunlight because if the Pogo Pin connector is exposed to the sun, it is easy to. Therefore, it is damaged and cannot be used when it needs to be used.

Third, as mentioned above, the Pogo Pin connector cannot be placed in the sun, and where else can it be placed? Pogo Pin connectors cannot be placed in high-temperature places, humid places, and places with chemicals.

Fourth, when the Pogo Pin connector is in use, even if it exists, no grease objects can appear. The Pogo Pin connector will not work properly if it is contaminated with grease objects.


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