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Many Saving Tips by Air Conditioning Companies

Many Saving Tips by Air Conditioning Companies

It is again that time of the year when you have to depend on your air conditioners to bear the scorching sun outside. However, this also means the energy bills will be skyrocketing as well. But did you know you can avoid that? In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the tips shared by air conditioning companies that all homeowners can use to save themselves from high energy bills. 

So, without any delay, let’s begin.

Air Conditioning Companies Recommend Smart Temperature Control 

Smart devices are not only famous because of the convenience they offer but are also known for their cost-effective energy solutions for homeowners. Installing smart HVAC systems is a great help in energy savings, controlling energy wastage, and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. 

If you buy smart AC controllers or thermostats with your unit, it can help you save around 25% on your energy bills. Furthermore, they also offer some additional features like location-based control, scheduling, air filter status monitoring, and more.

Close Your Windows Properly 

Before the season starts, it is better to check if your windows are functioning properly and upgrade them if required. Around 25-30% of the heat enters through the windows, so they must be properly maintained. Check for the signs of air leaks; if you find any, you can either replace the windows if the damage is more or cover the leaks by calling in the experts. This will help take off the burden from your AC unit, helping you save money on bills. Not only that, you won’t even have to search ‘air conditioning service close to me’ to get your HVAC system fixed.

Use Window Films 

If you are not a big fan of heavy curtains, window films are another option you can choose. This is a great option for homeowners who live in warm climate areas or where summer is unbearable. When it comes to picking up the window films, there are two options available: 

Tinted Films 

They can change the sunlight color that’s entering the room – hence, decreasing its intensity. 

Reflective Films 

These films have mirror-like finishing and are used for heat reduction. They are considered to be more effective than tinted films.

North Georgia Heating and Air Companies Suggest Solar Screens 

Normally, mesh screens are installed outside the doors to stop the insects from entering and providing shade. However, it isn’t enough! The perfect replacement for this option is using solar screens. They have mesh made with polyester weave. These screens are capable of reducing the heat by 70%. These are easily available from home improvement stores; more so, you have an option to choose the amount of coverage you need with different product varieties available. 

Use Fans to Increase Circulation 

There will be some days in summer when you want to blast the AC temperature to feel comfortable. However, it could lead to an increase in energy bills. Luckily, there is a solution you can try! Turn on your ceiling fans to circulate the air properly throughout the house and limit the usage of air conditioners. It is a great solution if you want to reduce your energy bills. 

Another solution is to use smart fans to regulate the temperature. These can be used alongside the air conditioners to operate them at minimal speed and reduce the overall energy bills. Smart fans have the ability to pick the room temperature and adjust their speed according to the requirement. 

Allow Sufficient Ventilation

Air conditioning companies like Wayne Heating and Air recommend allowing ventilation in the house. It needs to be done in a controlled manner to maintain the desired temperature in the room. This will help you alleviate all kinds of moisture and heat from the house.

The heat released by all the electrical appliances can increase the house’s temperature. It is recommended to open the windows at night – when the temperature is cool. Doing this will naturally ventilate the house. Also, you can use ceiling fans to facilitate the process. 

We hope these tips from air conditioning companies will help you save money this summer! For more information, move on to our FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I save money on my AC in summer?

You can do the following to save money on your air conditioners:

  • Use ceiling fans
  • Install smart thermostat 
  • Insulate the house properly
  • Allow insulation
  • Do not let the heat build-up
  1. Is it cheaper to leave AC on all day?

If you leave your air conditioners running all day, it will cost you more. Therefore, it is best to shut it off for a few hours. This will ultimately decrease the energy use, hence, lowering the energy bills.

  1. Should I turn my AC off at night?

It is better to turn off your AC at night and keep the windows open for ventilation. It will minimize the AC usage, hence reducing the energy bills.

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