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Home Tech Outdoor flooring: between trend and innovation!

Outdoor flooring: between trend and innovation!

Outdoor flooring: between trend and innovation!

Outdoor flooring is on the rise. The highlight of your terrace, they give character to your exterior. Dressed in original floor coverings, your garden is transformed at will. Warm, authentic, industrial, contemporary: their choice determines the atmosphere that emerges. At unifloorwpc, we decipher with you the latest trends and innovations in outdoor flooring. To discover the field of all possibilities wholesale outdoor flooring

Timeless wooden slats

A safe bet in terms of interior and exterior decoration, wood has no equal to dress up your terrace with charm. Contrary to popular belief, wood does more than bring an authentic and warm side to your exterior. With its palette of natural shades, ranging from honey to gray via ebony or mahogany, wood lends itself to all your decorative desires. Renowned for their qualities of resistance, wooden slats support life outside very well. The negative point ?Their maintenance difficulty.Rubber wood, teak, Douglas fir, oak: whatever type of wood you choose, there is a good chance that its color will tarnish over time. Remember to treat your wooden slats regularly with a nourishing oil to help them regain their former glory.

Porcelain stoneware tiling has not said its last word

Timeless, the tiling continues to adapt to the codes of its time. Outside, give preference to porcelain stoneware slabs. This ceramic material obtained from minerals, kaolin, clay and feldspar compressed and fired at high temperature guarantees robustness and hardness. Essential assets to face the variations of temperature and the vagaries of the weather. Available in a wide variety of textures, sizes and colors, tiling appeals for its practical qualities as much as for its impeccable aesthetic appeal. Our favorite ? Imitation tiles, veritable chameleons of outdoor decoration. Parquet, concrete, stone or marble: these tiles look just like their natural counterparts with the added bonus of being easy to maintain. Why deprive yourself of it?

The stone carpet, an amazing covering!

Composed of resin and marble or quartz aggregates, stone carpets are particularly suitable for swimming pool towers but also for driveways. An elegant and chic covering par excellence, the stone carpet is available in different natural colors to adapt to all styles and all atmospheres. A real decorative asset, the stone carpets are also very functional. Particularly resistant, they fear neither UV nor bad weather. Easy to maintain, they only require a karcher to be thoroughly cleaned. Their little extra? Stone carpets have the specificity of not absorbing heat. In summer, your toddlers can run barefoot without risking burning the soles of their feet. Smart!

Concrete, raw and decorative at the same time

Terraces, pool surrounds, driveways: decorative concrete can be used everywhere. And always in style! Robust and durable, decorative concrete offers many advantages, first and foremost high resistance to climatic conditions and easy maintenance. In short, an ideal coating for the outdoors! Praised by interior designers, impression concrete offers an astonishing visual effect. Dyed in the mass and printed on the surface, it imitates natural materials such as wood, stone or slate with striking realism. If you are sensitive to environmental issues, prefer draining concrete. Thanks to its permeability, it allows water to reach groundwater and plants to continue their development. An eco-responsible material that hasn’t forgotten to be beautiful!

When recycled rubber comes to the garden

Do you dream of Japanese steps to draw a path in your garden? Why not opt ​​for recycled and recyclable rubber tiles. Innovative material from the recycling of old tires, the rubber tiles are non-slip and flexible enough to cushion falls. Initially reserved for children’s playgrounds, they are now available in trendy designs, batteries in tune with the times. Enough to give a new youth to your exterior! Rubber tiles shine with their practicality. Resistant to temperature variations, they absorb neither heat nor cold. A major asset when you want to enjoy your terrace in all seasons. To install them, nothing could be simpler! They are easily cut and glued together like a puzzle or using specific glue depending on the model. No need to wonder why amateur DIY enthusiasts love it…


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