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Home News Pets 101: Everything you need as a first-time pet owner

Pets 101: Everything you need as a first-time pet owner

Pets 101: Everything you need as a first-time pet owner

Getting your first-ever pet? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll be able to know the basics of being a great fur parent to your adorable tiny friend, may it be a cat, dog, fish, reptile and so on! Plus you’ll also uncover problems other pet owners face and how they solved them.

You can even use this as a guide in the future if you ever get yourself into a pickle. And knowing what to expect before getting a pet is always a great thing to consider. Pets are great as companions and are fun to be with but you also have to remember that they’re living creatures and are a full-time commitment. So preparing yourself beforehand might just be your saving grace

You’ll learn the basics of feeding, proper hygiene, health, comfort and of course the most exciting one of all, litter training! So to be the best fur parent you can be check out everything you need to know down below:

  1. What are the basic needs of a pet?

Every pet’s basic necessities are food, water and shelter. Before picking up your pet, it’s best to do a little research about it. Especially the food and shelter part. 

For your pet’s shelter: A good example of a pet that needs shelter is a hamster! Hamsters scare easily and need shelter to hide or sleep. Even dogs and cats need shelter. Your dogs and cats may already have one within your house, which you may not be aware of. It’s a place where they always gravitate towards where they hang out or sleep. A place you might even call “their spot.”

For your pet’s food: before buying a sack of pet food, you may want to experiment with it more. There are instances your pet might not like it or even worse be allergic to it. One of the most common forms of food allergy your pet might have is a ‘protein’ allergy. These include dairy, eggs, soy, chicken, beef, pork or even wheat gluten. So try buying half a kilo of a certain kibble you’d like to try and observe.

For your pet’s water: This may be something not a lot of pet owners know but always remember to wash your pet’s water bowl. Any object with water for a long duration causes a layer of biofilm. This will feel slimy and slippery and can even get your pet sick. Plus, if you notice your pet not drinking out of that bowl, there is a possibility it has already been infected by biofilm.

  1. Why is pet hygiene important? 

Hygiene plays a big role in your pet’s health, so it’s essential to always keep it in mind. Here are a few tips to consider knowing:

  • If your pet grows hair, always remember to wash, comb and even trim it.
  • If your pet lives in a tank or enclosure, remember to always clean it at least once a week.
  • For pets who have teeth, consider their dental care! If you can’t manually brush your pet’s teeth, try giving them substitutes like dental treats, dental chew toys and so on.
  • For pets with nails, trim them at least once or twice a month, or even when it’s necessary.
  1. Why are vaccines needed?

There are various kinds of viruses your pets could catch without getting vaccinated. Even a short trip to the park, a quick visit to the vet or even getting petted by other people can get your pet sick. 

Dog owners have to be cautious about distemper, parvovirus, covid, rabies, leptospirosis and many more. Most of the viruses out there can be fatal, so to keep your pets safe and protected, consider getting them vaccinated.

  1. What are the common problems of pet owners?

All pet owners go through a series of problems but there are a couple that almost all pet owners face. So if you ever encounter any of these problems know you aren’t alone and here is how you can solve them:

  • Pet that goes through separation anxiety – What you can do is avoid saying ‘goodbye’, getting their attention when you leave and giving them space. Coddling your pet won’t do them any good. If these don’t work, you can also hire a trainer.
  • Marking – Almost all pet owners go through this and it is something you face early on. The solution to this is to train your pet. The best way to do so is by using the rewarding method. Give your pet a treat when they do good. 
  • Chewing and scratching – Chewing and scratching are habits pets have to relieve stress or when they’re bored. What you can do is give them something else to chew and scratch on such as a chew toy and a scratching post.
  1. Is pet insurance necessary?

Not all pet owners know this but you can get your pet insurance! This can be very helpful for you later on since this will give you a financial safety net to depend on. And since accidents and sickness happen, it’s best to always be ready for them. 

There are various kinds of pet insurance out there but to get the right one that will perfectly suit you and your pet’s needs consider consulting an insurance advisor. They’ll be able to help you out and even get you great deals.  

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