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Security Cameras Protect People, Property And Profits

Security Cameras Protect People, Property And Profits

There are very good reasons for surveillance in our homes and businesses, and given the high crime rate that exists in our country, the most common stems from the need to protect property and people. For those doing business, the risk is high that a crime affecting tangible or human assets can seriously affect a company’s profitability. Fortunately, the advent of CCTV security cameras has made the job easier and more effective.

Indoors and outdoors, these tools make every day different. On street corners and at ATMs, they act as a deterrent to reduce violence and theft in these and other high-risk areas. In banks and financial institutions, as the surveillance system is constantly working, they can also provide timely warning of a robbery attempt to inform the police or armed protection services.

CCTV Sydney  cameras deployed in these common situations alone save the country’s citizens and businesses millions of rands daily in direct and indirect losses.

CCTV offers huge savings to retailers

Shrinkage has long been a serious problem in the retail sector, particularly in department stores and supermarkets, eroding profits and even forcing price increases. The traditional approach to loss control usually involves the use of plainclothes guards circulating among shoppers to detect shoplifters and spot-checking employees during off-hours. Security cameras not only replace these measures, but also prove infinitely more effective as a deterrent.

Of course, there will always be an incident where an unsuspecting criminal is actually caught on video during a theft, which highlights the added value of video surveillance systems. Recorded images clearly indicating the time, date and offender can be used to secure a criminal conviction. Some successful prosecutions increase the probative value of security cameras.

Who is knocking at my door?

In the home and some small businesses, Serious Security CCTV is often used as a basic and inexpensive form of access control. While the full potential of a dedicated access control system is limited, a camera at one or more access points connected to an indoor monitor can go a long way in helping residents decide who is safe and who can best deny access.

In the era of home burglaries, security cameras are a great addition to more traditional alarm systems and burglar alarms. If it is used for this purpose, it is wise to place a camera within easy reach to protect it from damage and ensure that it monitors the entire entrance without blind spots. A remotely pannable model would also be a good choice in this regard.

In some locations, video surveillance can be used in conjunction with an access control system. While the latter are monitored and movements recorded,  Serious Security CCTV Sydney cameras monitor and display them in real time, allowing rapid intervention if necessary.

Hidden supervisor

In addition to being used as a deterrent against crime, video surveillance also plays an important role in process control, which is often found in chemical plants, factories, and even nuclear power plants, where they record events in places that are very dangerous to life. the observer . Some units are designed to be more sensitive to infrared light so they can provide an early warning of overheating.

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