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Home Tech Septic Tank Pumps: Regular Maintenance Helps Save on Septic Tank Repairs and Replacements

Septic Tank Pumps: Regular Maintenance Helps Save on Septic Tank Repairs and Replacements

Septic Tank Pumps: Regular Maintenance Helps Save on Septic Tank Repairs and Replacements

For homeowners wondering why they need to pump their septic tank pumping companies, the answer is simple: the bottom line. That’s because regular maintenance, such as pumps, can prevent breakdowns and deterioration, keeping your system running better and longer.

If you want to know what can happen if your tank doesn’t get pumped, you first need to understand how the system works. When sewage enters the septic tank, it is designed to remain in the system for about a day or so. This allows the waste to be separated: solids downwards, liquids towards the center and light liquids (eg fat) upwards. The lighter materials are slowly digested by the bacteria in the tank, while the solids stay in the system longer. The intermediate liquid is finally forced out of the tank by the incoming waste water; these fluids filter into the drainage field where they spread harmlessly.

Failure to regularly clean the tank has several consequences.

The first has to do with drainage: if too many solids collect at the bottom of the tank, the incoming liquid will not have enough room to separate properly in the tank. As a result, more liquid is forced into the drain, which can even allow water to get onto the surface of your garden – a major health risk. Another consequence of insufficient separation is that some solids are forced into the drainage surface, clogging it and making it less efficient. If too many solids clog the drain, you may need to replace that part of the system.

Pumping a septic tank involves removing solids from the bottom of the tank to increase the space and make the whole system more efficient. Pumping a septic tank usually costs between $75 and $300, with variations depending on the size of the tank and the area you live in. While pumping a septic tank is certainly not cheap, it is cheaper than the alternatives. Depending on where you live, replacing the tank and/or drain can cost between $3,000 and $10,000 or more for an expensive hill-style design. It also makes annual pumping much more affordable than repairing or replacing a septic tank!

How often your septic tank needs to be pumped out depends

 On the size of the tank and how many people live in your home. In general, every five years is a good rule of thumb, but don’t assume you’re clean if your last septic tank clean was recent. If you begin to notice symptoms of a full tank — the toilet backs up and drains slowly, warning lights or beeps, odors, or standing water near the drain — contact your septic company. All of these signs can indicate a tank that needs to be pumped, but they can also indicate other septic problems, so have the situation checked by professionals immediately. For more information visit our website

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