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Home News Singing is considered to be the process of writing songs.

Singing is considered to be the process of writing songs.

Singing is considered to be the process of writing songs.
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In the word we speak, our tone of voice is much more important than the words we say. Singing is an exaggerated form of speaking, so this concept also applies to singing. When you start thinking about the emotions you should be feeling while singing and telling your story, it improves your vocal performance.

Practice, practice, practice

However, don’t think that you can enter the stage completely unprepared with this technique, and think that the lyrics will come to you. Exercise is crucial.

Practice at home without texts. Change your practice to focus specifically on your lyrics. Try singing your songs a cappella. Then try singing them a cappella twice as fast to see how you can cope with this change by practicing at home. This will better prepare you for the passionate nature of the stage.

And if you’re someone who currently plays live, a lyric sheet in front of you, you can slowly get rid of this habit. If you usually play five songs on a lyric page, try playing only four songs per page the next time you perform. If you are sure of this, you can only put three lions under it, then two, and so on. Before you know it, think about why you needed Lyrics during your live performances.

Improvise as a last resort

For those times when you slip and forget a line, just be cool and throw in something else. Most people probably won’t notice anyway. Especially if it’s your own song and they don’t know the lyrics. If you forget the lyrics, DO NOT stop playing or laughing and say something like “I’m so stupid, I forgot my lyrics.” You don’t want to point out something that the rest probably didn’t notice anyway.

It’s also important to understand that if you forget a line, it’s not a problem. You don’t want to make a habit of it, but all artists forget it sometimes. Just realize that everything is fine. It doesn’t define you, it’s just a stupid misstep. Then forget it and move on. I can’t say how important it is not to stop at such small mistakes.


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