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Site Map: What Does It Say And Where Can I Get It?

Site Map: What Does It Say And Where Can I Get It?
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The site plan is based on an excerpt from the field map. If you want to build on a property, you must submit an official site plan. This must comply with legal requirements and contain the details of the construction project. The architect or developer can help with this.

But what exactly does the map say? Where do you get the plan from, how is it created and what are the costs? Here you can find out everything you need to know about the topic.

What is a site plan?     

An official site plan of a house contains a drawing and a written section. The building site and the name of the client are listed in the latter.

The neighboring properties and any existing building encumbrances on the property are also part of the site plan.

The drawing section shows what the planned construction project will look like by showing objects to scale in relation to the environment.

What is a simple site map?

The outline of the planned building must be shown in the plan view of the plot in the simple Site plan

This makes it clear how the new building fits into the environment. The simple site plan may be created on a certified excerpt from the property map.

This is on a simple map:

  • Information on the scale and the cardinal points
  • Designation of the building plot with information on the municipality, street, house number, land register, district, corridor and parcel
  • Details of the owner or leaseholder
  • Area of ​​the building plot
  • Boundaries of the building plot according to the cadastre
  • Building stock on the building plot and the neighboring plots
  • Notes on any existing construction loads

What is a qualified site plan?

The qualified site plan is more detailed than the simple plan.

The competent building permit authority decides which type of site plan is required.

A qualified site plan is particularly important in the case of border development.

It contains the following additional information:

  • Cadastral dimensions of the building plot
  • Information on the reliability and recognizability of property boundaries
  • Details of the owners of the neighboring properties
  • Information on the completeness of the building stock

On the basis of old cadastral measurements, a new drawing is also carried out as part of the qualified site plan. This guarantees that all limits are observed. Accordingly, the qualified official site plan offers greater legal certainty.

Even if an intensive development is planned or the subdivision of the building area is still pending, the qualified site plan is recommended.

What is the difference between a site plan and a cadastral map?

It is important to know the difference between a cadastral map and a site plan.

The cadastral map contains only a rough representation of properties and their buildings.

The official site plan, on the other hand, refers to a specific building plot. It is created individually and up-to-date by a publicly appointed surveyor.

The field map serves as the basis for the site plan.

For the building application you need both an excerpt from the cadastral map and the site plan.

You can find the cadastral map at the relevant cadastre office. It contains a numbered overview of the parcels. Corresponding maps are available for the entire federal territory.

What is on the map?

The site plan is always based on a current excerpt from the property map, which is also known as a cadastral map or field map.

Each federal state makes certain specifications as to what the site plan must look like.

The written part of the site plan also contains information on the number of floor areas, number of floors and number of building masses.

There is also a graphic part that shows the outline of the building project as well as the shape of the roof, the roof pitch, the clearance areas and the integration into the environment.

Where can I get a site plan?

Laypersons do not draw the site plan themselves, but have it drawn up by a professional.

Therefore, ask either a state-approved, publicly appointed surveyor or a surveyor.

They take their own measurements and use the documents from the real estate cadastre as a guide in order to prepare the site plan.

An on-site appointment is required for this. Because the professional will check the boundaries of your property again. In the case of an official site plan, he also takes into account the official site and height reference system.

How can I create a site plan?              

A site plan can be created, for example, with CAD software such as that used by architects.

However, it is not an easy task.

It is therefore advisable to entrust the creation of the site plan to the architect or the property developer.

How much does a site plan cost?

There are also costs associated with the creation of a site plan. These are based on the price of the planned construction project and the required preparatory documents.

The qualified site plan is more expensive than the simple site plan.


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