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South West London Posture Correction, Putney And Barnes

South West London Posture Correction, Putney And Barnes

I saw a lower limb specialist who was very knowledgeable and friendly. He took time to assess the problem, discussed with me various way of improving the condition and showed me in detail exercises I could do at home. Very positive experience from the reception lady to the specialist.

Who Should Not Do Our Posture Check?

This workshops can be taken on it’s own, however, we recommend our MET PIR day, MET RI day, as well as the Re-education Methods in Stretching and Corrective Exercises, which will add substantially to your skill set. Furthermore, for many people trying to sit or stand up straighter can feel quite uncomfortable and painful because their bodies are not ready to hold them in this position. • Follow-up report and sit down meeting to discuss any relevant findings and possible areas for improvement with office manager.

Not being in pain is preferable than being in pain, but at the end of the day, the pain signal has a purpose. It’s a message the brain sends to your body to let you know when something is wrong and where to look. The Free Posture Check is a sponsored Spinal Health Assessment that we provide to members of the community to find out how they measure up. It’s a quick way to uncover posture imbalances and potential links to musculoskeletal issues.

There are several types of postural assessments tools that can be done by a personal trainer. The first is an assessment of your current posture and how it affects your overall health and well-being. This can include things like checking to see if you’re slouching, crossing your legs too much, or hunching over.

The exercises are specifically aimed at preventing back pain and recovery from back pain. Whether you exercise, play sport to keep fit or compete from club to international level, sports massage may have something to offer you. Posture is a window into the health of our spines and spinal health impacts how well your central nervous system works which controls 99% of all muscles, organs and functions in the body. If you have already tried rest, icing, compression and elevation and your feet have not recovered, we recommend a biomechanical assessment to consider the possibility of insoles.

Why Bodymotion?

Call us today and speak to an experienced and friendly member of the team. Many of us spend most of the day in positions that don’t help our spines, slumped over the office computer, slouched in the sofa or straining with heavy lifting. This ideal posture and alignment can be easily attained through the stretching and posture exercises of the Egoscue Method, pioneered by Dr Pete Egoscue, an American anatomical physiologist in the 1970’s.


They are a non-invasive approach to treatment and in many cases, are a great option for symptoms that are not severe enough to warrant surgical intervention. Alternatively, they can be considered as an option prior to surgery. The London Orthotic Consultancy’s treatment for back pain caused by poor posture isProprioception Therapy.

Watch some of our clients speak of how our posture specialists have changed their lives for the better… Whether sitting at a desk while at work, behind the wheel of a car or on public transport, the bulk of our waking hours are spent in the seated position. The physio was brilliant – the therapists are all charming, very professional and really worked me hard so that I have made Postural Assessment in London a very good progress. We will then take posture pictures, using a specialised app, to perform a more detailed analysis of your base-line posture and map out any anomalies using lines and markers. We have developed a set of robust procedures to minimise the risk of COVID-19. This course day is practical, and you will be treating another student in the course/being treated yourself.

“Suffering from a pinched nerve in my shoulder, I was in constant pain and had tingling in my hand. It also caused lack of sleep as I woke frequently to change position and relieve it. If left unchecked, the minor discomfort experienced with RSI can become more troublesome, leading to swelling and longer-lasting increased levels of pain. If you answered YES to any of the above please read our First Visit page where we explain what we do to obtain a clear root cause diagnosis. You can book your Initial Assessment in the assurance that ours is one of the UK’s most Thorough Chiropractic Assessments designed to establish a root cause diagnosis. When it comes to the body not everything is about pain or no pain.


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