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The Future Business Model of Facebook

The Future Business Model of Facebook

The only thing Facebook hasn’t figured out is how to use their best product to make more money, always and always – that is finding the right business model. It’s an interesting topic to write my first blog about, because, in my opinion, finding the right business model for Facebook can’t be done using common sense, like, to just look at Google and their search engine advertising spend, for example. Facebook is unique, so you need to find different solutions. In fact, there is no single best business model for this opportunity, but there are many people who can earn money from a variety of sources. It’s not just “how do we generate revenue”, but equally important is “when do we start”. This may seem strange now, but it will be obvious, when you read this. In short, it is about going through your assets and what made you successful in the first place and finding new ways to use them effectively.

Business Network / Business Profile

I have been thinking about it since the beginning of February. Wouldn’t it be nice, if you only want to log in once and have your private and professional networks in one view, even if they are completely isolated from each other, depending on your settings? Wouldn’t it be great for companies to have a business network with seven times as many users as LinkedIn, that could offer people all kinds of imaginable skills and knowledge as well as giving any kind of service and products among their 500 million users. ? Wouldn’t it be great if Facebook tapped into the companies blocking the site so far, generating new advertising and additional revenue from recruitment companies and others? But more importantly, Business Network market leaders LinkedIn and Xing charge their users, meaning Facebook would be fully liable for doing so to those who use the business network Facebook Singapore. This means, that a significant, and psychological, obstacle to charging end users can be overcome on the side, so to speak, without expecting a major backlash or user exit. Of course, they can only start charging users of an active corporate network, but once the door is opened … unlikely, this has the potential to work less than Facebook.

All this would happen, if Facebook offered the Business Network, too. This is not even a big job for them, just to improve their existing operations.

It can be easily set up by automatically transferring the user’s existing (relevant) profile data into their new professional profile, giving users the option to log in to this service and allowing them to upload the more business-related data so they can set up their professional profile ( it also means some valuable data available within Facebook).

A technical expert can be, for example. there is a separate tab on the private side or as another wall with an info page on the side of the two main ones, allowing it to be within the Facebook site, but with the possibility to restrict the private section absolutely, if available from other sources. , while allowing the user to keep all profiles and contacts separated with different privacy settings. To grow quickly, initially the service should be offered for free. Ads can be displayed to help offset the start-up phase and initial operating costs.

The functionality of Facebook is there to be considered, examples are, news feed with real-time updates, posting photos (for example from business events), Like button, option to easily post related news, and so on , enabling the user to do the same. things they want to do on social media again in a business environment and in a simple and familiar way. This would make the Facebook Business Network more lively than the existing static one, allowing users to work or just get things done, enjoy the constant change of content, keep it on the site, as happens to an existing social network. At the same time, the aforementioned advantages of Facebook are substantial, while the development time and cost of this is minimal as already indicated and the existing system and functionality can be used.

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