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The miracle of a personal letter from Santa Claus

The miracle of a personal letter from Santa Claus

I remember hearing the Christmas sleigh bells on Christmas Eve as a child. As I lay in bed, I remember the letter I sent to Santa with a list of toys and games. My mind was idle as I listened to the bell, wondering if my letter had reached the Shrines safely. Where exactly did my book go? I knew it had been magically sent because santa letters had carefully placed it by the fireplace so I could pick it up when they came to see if I was being naughty or nice. Sister Branch tapped against the window and brought me back to my true feeling about those bells. Is this Santa’s sleigh? No, I tell myself in the morning that I’ll know if Santa got my letter or not, and I’ll go back and listen carefully for those bells. I would like a letter from Santa saying he got my book. To my friends I remember Christmas personal letters as “Christmas Cool”.

When my son was 4 and my daughter was 3,

Little Kayla brought a piece of red construction paper with a picture of what she wanted for Christmas and asked Santa to send it to him. It used to be placed in an envelope, the name and address of Santa “North Pole” printed on the front and the return address written in the upper left corner of this envelope. As soon as I wrote this, I remember thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if this return address could be used to send personalized letters from Santa to my kids?” Carefully place the book by the fireplace for Santa’s elf to go on a fun and adventurous journey. Of course he was gone the next morning. That morning my daughter woke me up for her and woke me up with her cries of happiness. Its three weeks until Christmas. I’m sure his luck will happen for this worst season.

A few days later my daughter came in and asked if I had received my letter from Santa.

 He is waiting for a letter! He asked almost every day if he had received a letter from Santa Claus. When she received Christmas cards from family and friends, she knew they were for her because of the colorful envelopes and Christmas photos. I was honest about who the card came from, but he never lost interest. I couldn’t bear the thought of breaking his little faith in magic and Christmas, so I started looking for options. To my surprise, a large company sends children beautiful letters from Santa Claus. Find out!

I immediately asked for a letter to my daughter and son.

 Two days before Christmas I received a personal letter from Santa Claus. I put it by the fireplace for them to find and he did. Kayla ran to me with her book. “Mother! Look! Is this for me? Read, Mother. Read!” I showed him the beautiful golden picture of Santa Claus on the front of the envelope, surrounded by branches of fire. I started with his name and address, and went to Santa to see who the letter belonged to, and read the whole envelope! I felt my hands shake as I opened the envelope to reach the beautiful treasure inside. I took the book. When I opened it, I saw my daughters’ faces. His eyes were large and clear. He did not remove them from the book. His smile lit up the room as he trembled with excitement. His cheeks were red, as if arctic magic had sent a cold wind to mark him. It’s like his whole world is ruled by a beautiful witch. In his head he heard a small voice whisper, “Christmas is here.” How happy I was as a child to receive a personal letter from Santa and how happy those tricks were still around.

I opened the book and started reading.

Santa tells him that something strange is happening at his workplace. He told her what a great year he had and how proud he was of her. He told her how happy he and his elves would be to come to her house on Christmas Eve and how he would watch over her next year. Chosen for his love of Father Christmas.  For more information visit our website

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