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Home Tech The solar energy grease separator works day and night

The solar energy grease separator works day and night

The solar energy grease separator works day and night

The solar energy grease separator works day and night

A solar-powered grease trap aeration system was developed to solve odor and water quality problems. The solar energy grease trap aeration system eliminates and prevents odor problems and improves overall water quality without chemicals, bacteria and/or ozone. In this way, the restaurant owner can immediately operate more effectively and efficiently. They can pay back the investment within 1-6 months. The restaurant owner is no longer fined for monthly or weekly bacterial treatment, sewer cleaning, electricity costs or water quality.

Grease separators tend to move poorly; otherwise,

 the operation is more like a septic tank. Bacteria that process waste are aerobic, facultative and obligate anaerobes. Aerobic bacteria need oxygen, and a good source is compressed air, which is produced by the solar energy grease trap pumping cost air system. More aggressive and effective than aerobic bacteria or anaerobic bacteria that do not require oxygen. Your grease trap usually contains a fair amount of this type of bacteria. In traditional fat storage systems, most bacteria are selective.

Facultative bacteria also need oxygen,

 but they get it from clean water by releasing oxygen molecules from other sources that directly produce the “rotten egg smell” like hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). When fully released, this gas in many cases accumulates and enters the ground through a drain or septic tank, causing further problems and loss of business for the restaurant owner. When you aerate the facultative bacteria, they stop producing H2S and odors and only produce a mucus smell like dirt.

Solar grease trap aerators are now available as aftermarket products to remove H2S odors. I am looking at a kit mounted bubbler, 9 watt grease separator, 1.5 ft. x 1 ft. ½ ft. footprint, 1/16 hip replaceable diaphragm pump, 25 ft. air hose, 1 diffuser. Each kit is designed to remove a 500 gallon grease trap.

Look for a system that is easy to install, safe,

 low voltage, no wires, no electricity and works day and night. The capacity of 30 gallons per minute inspires water flow and it ventilates at least 10,000 gallons per unit and it runs overnight! The kit must include a permanently lubricated 2 liter per minute diaphragm pump and an 18 volt 0.5 amp solar panel.

Finding a solar power system that doesn’t require an electrical engineering degree, a contractor’s license to install near public access, and daily maintenance is a nightmare. There are also some that require no chasing, you just push the battery holder into place, drop the diffuser into the grease trap and let it spit. Let’s help make this island, our country, and green again! For more information visit our website

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