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Home Business Three upcoming textile designers to watch

Three upcoming textile designers to watch

Three upcoming textile designers to watch

Three talented fashion designers, , Let’s Go Brandon store and themselves in today’s fashion industry. Although they come from different places and backgrounds, they all share a passion for textile art and a desire to bring this passion to drainage systems around the world.

Provided by Amy Butler

In the spring of 2009, Amy Butler released new pattern book software that combined traditional sewing patterns with a lightweight CD version of Electric Quilt 6. The product debuted among quilters nationwide and among professionals. , which has received rave reviews from enthusiasts and quilters alike. The idea of ​​adding a CD to a pattern book wasn’t unique, but when that CD featured a limited edition program for designing quilts with the power of an e-quilt, the quilting world started talking.

Live and work in the Midwest.

 Together, they run an international company that has grown exponentially over the years. Her designs can now be found on fabrics, yarns, threads, wallpaper, stationery, handbags and more. Amy’s designs have been featured in books, magazines, and television shows, and she has authored over nine hardcover books, including Ground Breaking Software.

As an artist, is heavily influenced by her enjoyment of cooking, nature, meditation and music, and her clothing reflects these interests through the color combinations and patterns she uses. His design philosophy is as simple and haunting as his art. “Ease of use can be beautiful. Comfort can be elegant. Organization is healthy. Craftsmanship is the best!” –Amy Butler,

As the head of London’s Café Cassette studio, artist Brandon

is making a name for himself as an international fashion designer, an interesting turn for a man who started his career as a chef. After all, it was her cooking talent that brought Brandon and the famous designer together. After meeting at the bus stop, Brandon would often come to Facet’s studio at lunchtime and make delicious lunches for the staff.

Brandon’s love of knitwear design came from an early interest in working with yarn. When he was young, he was attracted by the bright and different colors sold at the local store. Her gift for combining colors and textures to create beautiful and unique garments was further strengthened when she traveled to places like Africa, India and Central America to soak up the culture by doing workshops in cafes.

Brandon has been designing clothes for years

 and his designs clearly show the influence of his love of color and knitting. Brandon’s prints are rich in texture and free-form tones, often drawn with lines that resemble the ribbing of a hand-knitted scarf or sweater.

“When you work with colors, it’s important to pay attention to what you’re doing. Observe what’s happening as you knit and connect with what you’re doing. Let the colors conquer you and enjoy it.” That the final product may look completely different.”

Growing up, she was introduced to sewing and furniture making and learned the importance of making quality, well-made and useful items.

Denise studied graphic design at the Rhode Island School

of Design where she pursued her love of textiles and quilting. He started his business in the old American Fabrics factory building in Bridgeport Connecticut. She offers a variety of accessories, including affordable Indian quilts, quilts and pillows sewn in her studio, books, patterns, and stable and vintage cotton quilts. For more information visit our website

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