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Top cryptocurrencies that are going to explode in value between 2022 to 2025


The cryptocurrency sector has now reached its mainstream popularity. People from all across the world are showing interest in doing investment in them. Earlier, Bitcoin was the only option for most investors owing to its global fame. But now other top cryptocurrencies have potential and can be considered for investing in. 

Crypto technology has suffered criticism and has been in the doubtful eye in being an easy tool to practice unlawful practices like money laundering. But it is not the only technology to be targeted upon. Fraudulent practices are also possible with fiat money. There are countries like Qatar, China, Turkey, Russia, North Macedonia, and Bangladesh, where trading, spending, and any form of crypto dealing is a strict NO. 

 But there are countries like Canada, the United States, the European Union, Australia, El Salvador, the Central African Republic, and now India. Now other than Bitcoin, numerous new altcoins made their entrance into the crypto market chart every day. And this becomes a difficulty for investors in figuring out the best and worst coins. 

And this has made them inquisitive in knowing about the cryptocurrencies that are expected to soar in their values in 2022 and in upcoming years. So let us begin with our exploration on:

Top cryptocurrencies to explode in value between 2022 to 2025

Below are those top cryptocurrencies that are ideal for investment in 2022 to 2025. Beginning with the list is:


Avalanche is well-known for being the best blockchain in terms of scalability and low price in the current scenario. These features are behind the growth of its rising fame since last year, making it a tough competitor to Ethereum. Witnessing the rise in decentralized finance in the coming years, there can be no question of Avalanche being among the best cryptocurrencies to explode from 2022 to 2025. $28.61 is the current price of Avalanche (AVAX). 


Bitcoin is the first innovation as new digital money technology founded by an anonymous person, Satoshi Nakamoto. It became operational on 3rd January 2009. Bitcoin remains its top holding amongst the altcoins. Hence, it won’t be wrong to prefer this crypto for investment in 2022 and beyond. It has been a popular choice in past decades, getting ample support from crypto-supporting governments. Bitcoin has found it’s used by many institutions widely. It has become a great choice of investment for many big firms and hedge funds. 

In dollars, the price of BTC is $29,781.13. In India, it is priced at 23,08,517.48 INR. Well, this figure might make you switch your mind, but wait, the bear market phase is not going to last long. It will reach its nearby end. Bitcoin has not been ousted from the list of top cryptocurrencies. It still has the potential to rise again in 2022 and more up to 2025. 

Binance Coin

Coming on the next is Binance coin or BNB. It is used for the fee payment regarding services by its native exchange Binance and its associated firms. With time, there has been an increase in its value followed by a steady growth of Binance goods since 2017. Noticing the rise in the demand for BNB, it makes it the top list of cryptocurrencies in 2022 and 2025. The current price of BNB is $332.28.


Cosmos is a crypto that lets the interaction of decentralized applications operate on diverse blockchains. It can launch Web 3.0 applications as the driving force of the internet in the coming years. Cosmos also allows the building of decentralized applications on top of its platform developers. It is acquainted with a fast-developing Dapp ecosystem. Having the potential in the market, Cosmos is indeed one of the top cryptocurrencies to explode in the current year and beyond. Current price: $10.86.


Chainlink is well known for its high-quality data ensuring the performance of smart contracts. Extreme scalability is its added advantage with the fact that it makes the best use of hybrid smart contracts. All these make Chainlink in the category of top cryptocurrencies with a rise in value. LINK is expected to explode from 2022 to 2025. Current price: $7.12.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu began its journey as meme joke currency but later it rose to fame from 2020-to 2021 at the time of the price surge of Dogecoin. Since then, there has been wide adoption and growth of this crypto. When the market experiences a bullish phase in a couple of years, SHIB will once again be going to make a quick rise. And yes, it will explode in 2022 and 2025. 

Final words

So if you have been puzzled in finding the top cryptocurrencies to invest in, then Chainlink, Shiba Inu, Bitcoin, Avalanche, Binance Coin, and Cosmos are the ones to go for it. Currently, the crypto market is experiencing a bearish trend, but it will going to last longer. During the bullish trend, all these top 6 cryptocurrencies are going to explode in the current year and beyond. Log on to Cryptoknowmics to get updates on Flamingo coin price prediction for current and upcoming years. 


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