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Home Tech We need to talk about link building (10 Ways to Kill SEO).

We need to talk about link building (10 Ways to Kill SEO).

We need to talk about link building (10 Ways to Kill SEO).

Link building is one of the most important steps in SEO. By building a working link network, you can project your website to the right places and increase traffic. In addition, with the help of good links, the company can improve the ranking of the website and get to the first page of Google’s search results.

But link building is not an easy process and you have to be careful because wrong steps can lead to disaster. No webmaster wants to get into Google’s bad books because the consequences are catastrophic and if a violation is detected, the site will go nowhere.

10 Sure Ways to Kill SEO:

You may have come across many articles talking about ways to create safe and effective links, but today we are going to talk about ways to avoid because using them is SEO suicide. The methods are collected from the reports of leading SEO PBN service providers and also some digital marketing providers.

Twisted Article

 This has been a tried and true method, but the latest algorithms are finding loopholes and penalizing websites for it. A translated article is basically the same article that has been written so many times that it no longer makes sense. Such articles are fraudulent to the company and creating links using these articles is considered spam and will be penalized by Google.

Comment Spam:

This method is a clear attempt to destroy your site. Commenting on relevant websites, blogs and forums is a great way to connect with people. However, people use software that automatically comments on blogs and leaves links on the site. Using such methods is spam and Google does not take such things lightly.

Paid Links although paid links have no value, it is important to use them properly. Getting paid links to pass PageRank is wrong and Google wants you to add reel=’No follow’ to your links when using paid links. Links from websites in other languages: Adding links from websites in other languages ​​will add a red flag and you may get penalized for it. However, if the incoming link is from a quality site, you need to fix it.

Links from hacked and pornographic websites:

 Links from hacked websites are a big NO. Also, if you’re not in the adult entertainment industry, getting links from porn sites won’t help you either. So, to protect your site’s reputation, avoid these sites. Poor quality directories: Most of the articles and blogs on the web are directories. Most of them are of low quality and do not provide confirmation. So you should stay away from such tactics and protect your website. Non-Specific Links these are the links you get from websites that are not related to your niche. Google considers such links to be bad and should be avoided.

Scaled Guest Posts:

 Guest posts are a great way to get quality links to your website. But a big publication where the content doesn’t matter is not an option. Google will kick you hard if you try and should be avoided entirely to protect yourself from long-term ill effects.

PBNs (Private Blog Networks) Google has shown hostility towards PBNs and has been cracking down on them over the past year. So using PBNs for link building is no longer considered profitable and you should avoid it to avoid the hassle.

Forum Spamming:

 Using automated services to create multiple accounts for forums or posting to popular discussion groups can be a way to get quick links. However, this step will not help in the long run and should be avoided, as a well-known local SEO service provider said. For more information visit our website

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