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What Is the Format Of A Typical Virtual Town Hall Meeting?


An online company-wide event that is organized by upper management and interactive elements like the Q&A polls to boost employee engagement, live chat is a virtual town hall meeting. The traditional version of the corporate, online version helps in interacting and putting up the questions to the authoritative figures.

A town hall meeting helps to keep people safe and updates them on the company news, performances, and developments which helps to nurture the company and builds community among the teams. The meetings are similar to other communication methods and involve the whole company. It is not two-way communication, opportunities, interaction, and putting up questions to the authorities.


·   Test the software

Choosing amongst the best video conferencing platforms, like Mixhubb, is a tough task and there are many results when looking for it on Google. A test session or a trial run helps to ensure that the audio or video quality is smooth and confirms with everyone how to share screen, and mute themselves.

·   Plan the agenda and come up with a good title

If the host organizes the meeting without a clear meaning or direction then it becomes easier to keep the attendees, and moderators and set a schedule and agenda for a meeting. The agenda can be set up from the streaming software, the speaker, schedule, and the length and format of the Q&A session, like the polls or quizzes help in better conduct.

A meeting becomes attractive when a good title is used and it whips up enthusiasm. A brainstorming session can be conducted for the titles with the team.

·   Choose the proper date and time

If a company is geographically dispersed, then the time does not match. An online meet can be recorded and the people who could not attend the meeting before can learn from the recording. A day and time can be chosen during which a large group of people is available and this paves the way to take benefit of the opportunities.

Having a virtual meeting with a large group of people;e helps to build community, boosts morale, and helps to gain confidence.

·   Attendees should submit the questions in advance

If the attendees are asked to submit their questions at once during the end of the meeting, then things get streamlined. Select the questions that are the most relevant and represent important topics for discussion and with the remaining time, call for any additional questions other than the ones submitted.

·   Promotion

Share information about the virtual town hall meeting several weeks before the event and let the employees know. Before sending the invite for registration, all of this should be done beforehand. Updates about the event should be sent frequently, pre-meeting and post-meeting.

When the actual invite arrives, employees would manage their schedule according to that.  The invitation to register requires online software and for this, the communication should be consistent.

·   Practice

Do a technical run-through before the actual meeting to resolve any possible errors and ensure that the presentation should be smooth. The technical support staff and others who play an important role in the event should also attend the test sessions.

·   Assign the roles

Get the leadership team and other speakers/presenters and ensure that the test run is performed smoothly. Assign positions to the people who handle different jobs like interactive elements, quizzes, and polls. The job of a moderator is very important and therefore choose the person very carefully.

The responsibilities include greeting the attendees, breaking the ice, and assisting the speakers therefore the required person should be confident, upbeat, and full of energy and enthusiasm.

·   Start with an icebreaker

In virtual meetings, the challenge is to keep the audience engaged. A fun activity that improves the bond gives an energetic start to the meet.

·   Celebrate even the smallest of wins

Recognize and acknowledge every achievement of the team members as it boosts morale and is the ideal opportunity to show the employees some appreciation. A dedicated portion of the meeting can be kept to distribute awards to the employees and engages everyone until the end.

·   Include the speakers

Have the CEO or other authoritative figures launch the meeting and do the talking. Incorporate the department leaders and people from different levels who represent everyone at the company. Consider letting the team know about the updates to boost their engagement in the work. Put up an employee achievement wall which might encourage the members to work harder.

·   Take breaks

In between the meetings, take enough breaks to give participants rest. Virtual fatigue is a thing and considers the audience while planning the flow of the meeting. It is recommended to take a 5 min break every 30 minutes. The participants may stretch their legs, go to the bathroom or take refreshments if needed.

·   Include Q&As

A basic requirement of every virtual town hall meeting is to include time for the Q&A sessions. The participants may be asked to submit well-formed questions in advance and additional questions may be answered later.

Town hall meetings are about two-way conversations so instead of making the presentation like a lecture make it interactive. The audience should have an opportunity, to be honest, and open to having a chat straightforward with the host. This also means that the host needs to make that bond with the audience in a short period.


For a virtual town hall meeting to be considered successful, several things are to be considered. It includes more than just sharing the company updates it increases employee morale, celebrates wins, solidifies the culture of the company, and aligns the company around the common goals.

The above-mentioned elements make a successful meeting and ensure that all of these are kept in mind both before and during the meeting. This article helps people who are new to online platforms and many software that aid in the work is also mentioned. It means that several supportive applications run the online presentation business smoothly.

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