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What to look for in a divorce lawyer – how to choose wisely

What to look for in a divorce lawyer – how to choose wisely

With changes in family law over the past 30 years, including the adoption of equitable distribution in place of outdated common law principles, the adoption of statutes protecting military spouses, and the adoption of subsidiary guidelines and various local law enforcement circuits, The field of separation and divorce has become too complex and specialized for someone who does not handle these types of cases on a regular basis. It bothers me when clients come in with poorly drafted separation agreements, and/or decrees that have been handled by other inexperienced attorneys. Just as it is better to win at trial than to have a major appellate problem, it is better to have a עורך דין גירושין than to have a problem by mistake, having to pay someone to fix it the first time you get it right. In the first place. Sometimes mistakes are very costly and cannot be corrected, as I have shown in a series of articles written for The Family Law News, the peer reviewed publication of the Virginia State Bar, Family Law Section, which the title is “Costly Mistakes in Multistate Military.” divorce. or Military Wives’ Tales of Woe,” published in the Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 issues.

This series of articles outlines the legal rights, strategies,

 And procedural points I used to successfully defend a military retiree who was a Vietnam War veteran. His ex-wife was trying to get half of his military retired pay and spousal support here in Virginia despite a divorce in Hawaii six years ago. While we are always happy to achieve a successful outcome for our clients, we pity the ex-wife who received bad legal advice from a human resources lawyer in the original divorce proceedings in Hawaii. Lead to bad decisions permanently binds what the Virginia courts found. Ruling for us in this case, the judge told the ex-wife that instead of suing her ex-husband, Show should go to the Hawaii lawyer who represented her in the divorce. So, how do you find a good divorce lawyer? Here are some suggestions:

Tip #1-Ask a lawyer.

If you know a lawyer, ask them to refer you to a good divorce lawyer. He probably knows someone or several people who devote a significant portion of their law practice to separation and divorce and related issues For example, I have been handling separations and divorces for over 30 years and have an excellent reputation in the local legal community. Any divorce lawyer worth his salt should have established himself among other lawyers. Lawyers generally know who is best for a particular type of case; they definitely know who they would look to if they were facing separation and divorce.

Yellow Pages/Internet

Although not major sources of information, the Yellow Pages and the Internet can be early sources of attorney names. Attorneys who do not address separation, divorce, military divorce, and related areas such as custody and support or property division do not seek cases in these areas and are certainly a significant part of their practice in these areas. Don’t surrender. Avoid ads that have a laundry list of everything under the sun. Remember the old saying, “Jack of all trades and master of none”? Wouldn’t you rather have someone who spends the least amount of time focusing on family law than someone who devotes 3% of their practice to family law issues? Remember that not everyone advertises in the Yellow Pages or gets a website or internet presence. For example, the Yellow Pages have more telephone listings than lawyer ads.

Recommendation Virginia Lawyer Referral Service

The Virginia Lawyer Referral Service is operated by the Virginia State Bar. The attorney must ask to be listed and agree to a fixed fee for the initial consultation. צוואה can be listed under any category they ask for. The names are in a rotating list and are given to users who contact the service. Again, not all lawyers are listed. We are not listed with a referral service. This resource can provide the name of an attorney who is looking for family law cases. This does not mean that the attorney is an expert or experienced in these types of cases. It just means they are looking for a divorce case. Be sure to take the questions we discuss here to the attorney interview.

 Talk to more than one attorney.

In fact, several attorneys conducted interviews. Ask each attorney who else handles separation and divorce in that area. If they don’t mention your name, walk out of the office. When you see names appearing on various recommendation lists, chances are the attorney is doing this case on a regular basis.

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