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Home Business Why Calculate Housing Loan Interest Emi Before Applying For Home Loan?

Why Calculate Housing Loan Interest Emi Before Applying For Home Loan?

Why Calculate Housing Loan Interest Emi Before Applying For Home Loan?

Applying for a loan is a significant financial decision. Hence, it would help if you were extra careful while applying for a loan. There is a short-term loan to finance your short-term requirements like buying a car.  and other needs; long-term loans like a Home Loan for buying a house.  

Home Loans are pretty popular as people do not have enough money at once to buy a house. Hence, they choose to make a down payment and finance the remaining share via a Home Loan. However, before applying for a Home Loan, check the Housing Loan interest.

Reasons to Calculate the Housing Loan Interest 

There are different reasons for calculating the interest amount before starting your Home Loan application process. Compare different loan providers’ Home Loan rates before choosing the one. Once you decide on the loan provider based on the Housing Loan interest rate, calculate the interest.

  • Helps You Decide the Amount to Borrow

If you are wondering, “how much Home Loan can I get?” you should calculate the interest rate on the total amount to determine how much the loan will cost you. You can calculate the EMIs of the Home Loan using any online EMI calculator. The EMI will give you a sense of the monthly payments you must make towards the loan.

The best part is that you can adjust the loan duration based on the EMI amount. Also, once you calculate the total Home Loan cost, you can consider the amount you can pay out of your pocket. Based on that, you can adjust the loan amount. A Home Loan EMI calculator will give different results when changing the duration. Hence, you can continue the exercise until you find the best amount that fits your budget.

  • Repayment Planning 

A lot of people apply for Home Loans without planning their finances. Home Loans do not come with a grace period. You need to repay a part of the principal and interest as soon as you receive the amount.

Therefore, you need to chalk out a plan for repaying the loan.

To create a plan consider fixed expenses and other financial commitments. Post considering that, check the amount that is left.

Now the left amount will be used to pay back Home Loan. However, if the amount is insufficient to pay the EMIs, you need to cut back on some of your discretionary expenses. When you have a repayment plan, you can make regular monthly payments without stress or shocks.

  • Pre-payments 

When you calculate the interest and the EMIs in advance, you already know the monthly amount you need to pay. Therefore, you can prepay your loan to reduce the interest cost if you have additional funds. For instance, if you feel you have some idle savings, you can increase the amount of the EMIs. 

Prepayments will take the burden off your shoulders as you will now repay the loan at a faster pace. You can use a home interest rate calculator to get an overview of the total cost of a Home Loan. 


Before you apply for a Home Loan, check the interest rate on your Home Loan to understand the additional amount you will be paying. The interest also helps you ascertain a loan tenure during which you can easily make payments. 

The tenure of the loan is another important aspect to make the payments within the timeline. However, your primary objective should be to repay your Home Loan as soon as possible and relieve yourself from the financial burden. Therefore, try to create a repayment schedule and plan all your EMIs well.

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